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"This is a period of running experiments with unknown outcomes.  Never before in the history of mankind has the global atmosphere been filled with metal particulates then subjected to being blasted with these huge amounts of energy.  Our atmosphere is being boiled, shaked, baked and fried.  There are instances of birds falling out of the air with singed wings because of this.  The DOD and the scientists have these powerful new toys and this is really science gone completely insane as they don't know exactly what will happen when they blast the ionisphere with a billion volts of EM energy...but they do it anyway just to see what will happen...and mind you this is not a small experiment  in some remote laboratory where if something goes wrong it can be contained.  This is our planetary home they are kicking around.  They don't really know WHAT the outcome will be...completely deluded, irresponsible science run amuk."
copyright Glenn Boyle
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