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There are reports from some researchers that state what a few of these images are actually showing is the presence of Sylphs working to break up the chemtrail mess.
Sylphs is a subject that I know almost nothing about.  If they can clean up chemtrails they have their work cut out for them as it currently appears the chemtrails are being laid faster than the sylphs can disperse them..

Ken Adachi's website, is full of fascinating info on sylphs and other topics of interest.

"It's precisely because of that Sylph BS that chemtrails will never be taken seriously. Keep looking for faces in the clouds (rolleyes)." --Saq, 07/06/10
"I am not sold on the existence of sylphs. However I am keeping an open mind as truth can sometimes be much stranger than fiction. I also agree that most would view this sylph theory as ridiculous. But then many scientific ideas that were at first considered ridiculous have later turned out to be true, so for now I am neutral on the subject of sylphs." --Glenn, 07/18/10
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