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The DOD, The Jet Stream and the Utah Hex
Unnatural Jet Stream alteration over Utah showing hexagon shape being held in place  as a result of artificial weather modulation via HAARP.  The artificial modification of the Jet Stream plus the defilement of the ocean with chemtrails toxins by the United States Military may be responsible for the recently reported almost total collapse of areas within the West Coast Marine Ecology System. In some places everything from Plankton and Algae to fish and birds have almost vanished.  The insane desire of the U.S. Military to "own the weather" is the most catastrophically stupid, dangerous and arrogant Defense Department initiative yet.  They are rapidly destroying the viability of our planet and human health along with it.  Wasn't the job of the Defense Department supposed to be to PROTECT us?
"Evil men always find a way to bring about destruction. The people should find a way to blast these crafts out of the skye before they complete the Chemtrail cycle." --Tara, 08/25/12
"Since the population lacks the military's access to the type of hardware necessary to achieve this I suggest doing what we are capable of, loudly protesting and mentally envisioning an end to this madness. I do believe that the concerted thoughts of like-minded people can help to bring about change. Pray groups, meditation groups to focus on ridding the planet of horrors being rained down upon us by those whose incredibly stupid arrogance and evilness has gotten us into this mess. George Bush Sr. is reported to have commented that he didn't care if he had to incinerate the earth to bring in the New World Order. A main goal of the group wanting to bring in the NWO has been reported to be killing off 90% or so of the current global population. Well, they may get their wish in spades and end up killing every living thing on this planet off including themselves, the half-wit, psychopathic thugs that they are!" --Glenn, 03/06/13
"They're dumping their wicked chemicals on us" --Robert McCarron, 04/05/19
copyright Glenn Boyle
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