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The Idaho Observer, 8/28/06 reports that sedatives have been found in chemtrail samples.
Researchers analyzing chemtrails have also discovered that some of the aerosol chemspray contains designer chemicals, chemicals that block the activity of select amino acids in the brain creating cleavages in spatial perceptions and blocking the interactions associated with higher thought processes.  These designer chemicals also increase brain levels of dopamine creating a feeling of euphoria.

The effect of this chemical soup would be to create an individual who is less capable of fully understanding the events going on around him, a person, who, if facing a threat would be less capable of formulating a plan of action and following it through.  The increased brain levels of dopamine would make one less likely to feel distress over situations that would normally be upsetting.

 The designer chemicals throw a monkey wrench into our normal perceptions and response to reality.

copyright Glenn Boyle
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