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Our health is under attack from many directions.  It is not just the chemtrails. It is the Fluoride in the water, in our toothpaste and many medications. It is vaccinations (children are particularly under attack with autism rates and other neuro disorders skyrocketing because of the vaccinations that children, starting as new borns are forced to take).  It is aspartame and other toxic additives in our food.  It is genetically modified foods such as corn and soybeans that are a major risk for our long term health. It is the radiation from Fukishima and a dozen other factors. One might be led to conclude that there is an organized, ongoing effort to undermine the health of the human race.
"STOP Poisoning our atmesphere you fucking cocksucker KIKES!! EAT SHIT AND DIE BITCHES CURSE YOUR FUCKING SOULS!!!" --Chi, 05/21/13
copyright Glenn Boyle
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