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Do you have toxic levels of Barium and Aluminum in your blood?  A number of people living in Arizona have discovered that they have blood levels of Aluminum or Barium 150 times higher than the amount considered safe. Many are experiencing the classic symptoms of Barium poisoning. Barium damages the immune system, causes dose-related muscle weakness up to total paralysis including the heart & lung muscles. See # 78, 79 & 80 for more Barium exposure information.  
Arizona, like the rest of the world has experienced heavy chemtrailing since 1997. So there is good reason to suspect there may be widespread problem with toxic levels of Barium & aluminum in the global population,
"Gotta wonder what these pilots think to themselves... "just mowin' the lawn" ???" --K, 05/05/10
"I believe the Air National Guard comes under jurisdiction of the states. Simply send them up to either force down, or shoot down the chemical spray planes. Problem solved." --e4g67, 07/21/11
"dose yourself up with valerian and tumeric" --paul, 10/25/11
"Arizona is full of wealthy retired folks, they retire there in order to live longer since the dry climate helps! But now the government is cutting short to their plan by spraying them with poison from above! They don't want them to live longer so they can get get the money back! Evil go" --Mario, 12/18/11
"I am a 54 year old man I have been in the floor coverings trade for nearly 30 yrs. now I have been very active most all my life & worked very hard most of my life. I have been healthy most my life considering I was born with some heart defects & a few other problems. I have been a body builder & health minded person most of my life. I have been observing this overhead spraying going on for many yrs. now in 2 different places I have lived & as I have traveled around the northwest USA. I am at a point now I have such muscle weakness, muscle pain & joint pain I can barely work at all, I suffer almost daily with much joint & muscle pain work is almost nearly impossible. When I am not working I am in bed from being tired, weak & hurting in my joints. I feel sorry for the losers responsible for the judgement of ALL MIGHTY GOD upon them at His coming. They will be judged severely for all the people they have killed & mad sick from their poisoning us. I am making effort to counter the damage they are doing to my body. I may look like a goof with a wet rag and a mask on my face over my mouth and nose but it will cut down the amount of poison I have to breath in. Study your Bibles my friends & pray for understanding that God will reveal light to you concerning the books of Danial & Revelation and of course the rest of scripture. Dan. 2,7 & onwards also Rev. 12 & 13. Remember those who love God & desire to obey Him & His word & are counted as over comers will be in the Holy city & the earth made new when this is all over. The wicked will be ashes under the feet of the saints Malachi chapter 4. I Love you all study, pray seek God & over come. Curtis" --Curtis, 11/23/14
"Try Cordyceps (mushroom) or search eng.; you will be amazed. I do not sell." --Joe Farmer, 01/14/16
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