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An atmosphere overcharged with energy can result in freak phenomena including unusual lights in the sky, vibrating or glowing clouds, fireballs, freak lightening or sometimes thunder or loud booming noises without lightening.  The chemtrails/HAARP combo is a double edged sword.  Because of all the metal particulate matter in the air our atmosphere has lost a good deal of it's insulating qualities (research posted at shows spark gap tests with results 300% over normal).

At the same time that atmospheric insulating qualities have been reduced HAARP is over-charging the atmosphere with extreme amounts of electricity.  The metal nano-particles are getting into everything, the soil and whatever is grown on it, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath. Everything  including us is being made to be more electro conductive.
"This image is commonly seen associated with Nibiru System" --Mary Paino, 02/02/15
copyright Glenn Boyle
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