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"This phenomena i saw one month ago (2011-08)in massive clouds over Buenos Aires in sunset, also, days after i saw chemstrails in X form in same area" --javx, 09/14/11
"i saw one over the skies in Santa Rosa Calfornia this summer and i took a picture of it . i thought it looked weird, like a rainbow feather. I was looking up in the sky, as i always do because i see alot of jets flying over leaving these white trails especially on nice clear days and when I tell people about it.. they think im crazy. i still have the picture on my camera. its so weird because now i think i have morgellens disease. I wonder of theres a connection. Im a Native American from California and im sure the goverments trying to poison the people.It such a terrible thing to do to humans beings! I will post my photo soon!" --Debra, 10/17/11
"saw the exact one over county down northern Ireland October 2011 around 6;15 am" --silvia, 09/24/12
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