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"Unless we act together they will achieve population control..Thinning out the numbers of the human race...filling us with metals so we cannot hide when looked for with certain detectors." --Shad, 03/09/10
"I am now looking into ridding myself of the heavy metals,You Tube is an excellent source,as well as,Google Videos. Its only been three days since I stumbled upon this,BS. I am almost despairing over this..but remembering,"EMBRACE YOU FEAR." is an ideal I have been utilizing on a small scale (I have nothing in my life more important). This has to stop. But you CAN cleanse yourself of toxins,and metals naturally..You Tube is great for that,and its easy to spot the scammers trying to sell you something. God Bless this World." --kantbelieveit, 05/09/10
copyright Glenn Boyle
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