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EDB Vapor Balls and Flourescent Colors
This image shows three different types of chemtrails laid down next to each other.  The odd flourescent colors and colored vapor balls are caused by Ethylene Dibromide.
"How do you know its EDB? Looks like a typical sun dog- which is to be expected in persistent contrails which are made of ice. this seems like fear mongering." --Joe, 02/12/10
"Independent lab testing of chemtrail fallout has repeatedly shown EDB presence in the chemtrails. One of the properties that EDB exhibits when sprayed into the air is that it refracts light into rainbows colors, but does not form the normal "bow" shape in the sky. The areas with rainbow colors in this image are certainly not sundogs. If you examine the image closely you can see traces of rainbow coloration over a large area of the middle chemtrail. This is in no way typical of a sundog." --Glenn, 07/18/10
copyright Glenn Boyle
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