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"Spraying has gotten very bad compared to the past. Our days are hot. The sky is cover in a metallic haze. It is often hard to look into the sky because of its brightness (not where sun is directly located). I have noticed a weird phenomenon with the grass. The grass has turned white and then yellow. When it was white it almost had a mold look to it. I have been sick for about a week. It started as a sore throat and turned into fever and diarrhea. i slept for a couple days until until I was able to function. My sore throat turned into a thick runny nose and cough which I still have a week later. The spraying has died down a little and they only way I can compare is the white haze, specially at night looking at the moon or stars. The moon, during heavy spraying, will look orange. This is of 5-2-12 in Leander, TX." --Sam, 05/02/12
"Yes indeed. That washed-out, whitish sky is a result of all the aluminum and barium particles dispersed in the atmosphere. What is going on is so disgusting." --Glenn, 05/06/15
copyright Glenn Boyle
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