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The Weather Liars
source: By Diane Harvey / /
"It has been an astonishing transformation, of the utmost significance. But we never, ever, hear or read about it in the news. Over the last few years, the skies over the American southwest have changed beyond recognition. The famous dazzling blue sky of yesteryear has become, as often as not, sickly pale ugly sludge. This is as shocking a difference as if the surrounding landscape had slowly turned black, while the human inhabitants remained bizarrely oblivious. There are still clear days, but these are numerically becoming the exception. And this has happened nearly without public comment, in a part of the world where sunny bright blue skies most of the year have been the rule for centuries. But the slow sure rip in the elemental fabric of our lives..."

image by Tony
"I have been seeing chemtrails for 3 years now. Many pictures on my page and info about government docs which mention them as well(GOOGLE: CAJeffO Chemtrails). It's scary to find no government official will talk about them with me. Something big is happening & I don't like the fact every one in government is not talking about it, news refusses to talk about it & most people just bury their head in the sand." --CAJeffO, 04/04/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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