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The Nano Mask, available online, filters out particles down to 3 microns.  Unfortunately the sub micron size of the chemtrail nano particles is even smaller than 3 microns so this mask will not filter out all the particles.  What this mask will do is reduce your exposure to fibers (a significant component of the "trails" and fungi, molds and infectious pathogens. Originally designed as a mask for bird flu protection the Nano Mask incorporates a patented technology that neutralizes airborn pathogens (bacteria molds and virus). I think it would be quite sensible to wear a Nano Mask when venturing outside on heavy chemtrail days.
By the way, I have no financial interest or investment in any product that may be recommended nor am I suggesting that use of recommended products guarantees you will not get sick from the chemtrails.  Products are suggested as possibly helping to REDUCE exposure to the chem toxins.
"i am appalled at what I am viewing on this slide show. I have seen clouds like this in the Atlanta Georgia region. We have an air force base outside of Atlanta, and sometimes there are a lot of their planes in the air at night." --doug, 01/23/10
"Welcome to Cody Wyoming. Thought I'd be safe here. Not. Everyday the town is hit about 8-10 am. I try to stay inside but tasks have to be done. One hour out and my throat is toast. I am afraid for us all, and prayer is my only line of defense for now." --Jesse, 02/10/10
"To borrow a slogan from the aids protests of the 1980s, 'SILENCE=DEATH" If everyone would protest this in the most vocal adament way possible. Public opinion can still sway the elite controllers. They were planning on spraying California for Apple moths (not even a real problem, just an excuse to further poison the public) and there was such a huge out cry from the public the plan was quietly dropped. Also at various times the government has tested the water stating that they were going to make small pox vaccinations mandatory, or swine flu vaccines mandatory these plans seem to have also fallen by the wayside due to public protest. SILENCE= DEATH, In the case of chemtrails and the spread of Morgellons this has never been truer." --glennb, 02/27/10
"I live south of,Tampa in Bradenton..I haven't seen them lately,but have noticed,Tampa has no more blue skies (I grew up there). Just signing petitions and spreading the word,since I have only known about this BS for a couple of days now..Thank you." --kantbelieveit, 05/09/10
"The lack of blue skies,or skies that look very pale and washed out are caused by the tremendous amount of chemtrail particulate matter in the sky. In some places it seems like a permanent haze. Only after a really good, long and heavy rainstorm do I see the deep blue skies that I remember from my youth." --Glenn, 03/17/11
"I live about 20 miles north of the air force base mentioned. We have tremendous contrails daily, we have ORBS and 20 to 30 visible UAVs running around at night. I also have Morgellons, diagnosed by one of the docs who wrote the case definition with the CDC. It is real and it is happening heavily in the south. The heavy spraying, ORBs and UAVs did not start until last year." --CantonGA, 04/01/11
"Correction... Make that massive chemtrail spraying. Guess that was wishful typing. Another anomaly, at the same time UAVs showed up we started getting multiple, late night emergency broadcast cable interruptions. We have had 4 cable boxes go berserk this past year, and two electrical surges happen coincidentally with emergency outages. Has anyone else experienced similar?" --CantonGA, 04/01/11
"I read a few years back about something like that happening in Tennfesse. A lot of electrical stuff blew out, birds fell out of the air with singed wings, and it was just treated as a "mystery "in the media. Imo when the media uses a word like mystery to describe something like the "mysterious lesions of Morgellons disease" or whatever it usually means it has something to do with secret projects the government is involved with." --Glenn, 05/03/11
"SILENCE=DEATH so lets each of us start knocking doors in our area! and lets each of us put up a youtube channel! goes to my youtube! visit that is how to take over your province [if you live in canada] use it as a model and PRAY TO GOD!" --nospray.ifo, 12/04/11
"one more thing! wear a mask! write chemtrails on it! or a url, costs me about $2 per year and it forwards to my channel, get a url and forward it to STRANGE DAYS STRANGE SKIES i'm linking to it from my websites too! good job to whoever built this valuable resource!!! GOD BLESS!", 12/04/11
"Are these masks available yet? I've been searching for quite awhile and the only results are that they are not available, so are they back in stock or never going to be available?" --Kelela, 06/05/14
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