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Comments from Ken Welch, continued:

"Eventually the bug was isolated by an independent lab, which confirmed that it carried clear chemical markers of being lab created or manipulated.  Because the US media is so well controlled, the epidemic of "Flu-Like" quickly became a non-event.  In the UK, however, everyone was aware of the crisis because the UK test really got out of hand.  Over 10,000 people died there, and health authorities were parking rented refrigerator trucks behind the hospitals to use as temporary morgues.  Many victims of  "Flu-Like" died in a rather unusual manner.  The lungs simply filled up with some kind of sticky gunk that couldn't be suctioned out or even removed surgically, and people were simply asphyxiated despite the best efforts of frantic medical personnel.  There were no incidents in which any victim of "Flu-Like" transmitted the illness to another person."
"What on earth is this? I live in the UK. 10'000 people or 3x the world trade centre loss of life would be such a huge event that it would be impossible to contain from local newspapers and gossip among our relatively small and highly concentrated population. This never happened - who is your source and which of you is the sociopath? Whoever is writing this crap is writing it to scare people - that's your agenda - when you write lies like this you undermine any credible scientific connection you may have noticed. By the way, "agencies" around the world often drop "stories" to see how gullible people are becoming to gauge their acceptance of more mundane and all too real attempts to deny our freedoms using beaurocracy, legislation, corporation and monetary/food/energy control. Wake up. They don't need chemtrails to meet any goals they have and they wouldn't do anything so friggin' counterproductive (leading to nothing) and that they can't do by other means to expose themselves. This is how all wars, especially quiet wars, are lost - misinformation. Wake up." --UK Resident, 11/20/09
"UK resident, you are a clown. Given that last year there were 36000 "excess" deaths in the winter time alone, and that didn't make the mainstream news, why would 10000? Or have you a conflicting interest driving you to write your pap?" --Cheese, 12/12/09
"The information about the UK spraying is documented in Dr. Leonard Horowitz's impeccably researched book, "Death in the Air". I really don't think it would be that difficult for a government to conceal 10,000 deaths if it wished to do so. During the SARS epidemic nurses at hospitals in Northern CA. privately reported many more deaths from SARS than were being officially reported on the news. Also not reported was that almost all that died from SARS were Asian. You may recall the Anthrax scare. Deaths from that were also underreported. Several people who were in the hospital for what they were told was pneumonia later found out that they had actually survived Anthrax. During the current Swine Flu Scare relatively few cases have been reported in San Francisco, yet when I was in the emergency room at a local SF hospital recently I asked a doctor if there had been any cases of Swine Flu and he told me that so many people were coming in with it that they weren't even bothering to test for it anymore. They just assumed that anyone coming in with flu symptoms probably had the Swine Flu." --Glennb, 12/17/09
"An incident killing so many that fridge trucks were needed, NEEDS to have the victims report their comments here. Many investigative reporters are out of work. There is a tremendous disconnect here.Awareness of this and indeed, even true science, is NOT REACHING SOCIETY !" --equalizer, 04/27/10
"I had some stuff fall into my yard over the course of winter. When my snow began to melt it looked like a giant spider web. Then it globbed together and I didn't think anything of it until I stepped in it one day and it stuck to my shoe, It is really sticky. Then it went on to dry up more and looks like clear silicon caulking. I have a sample and need to get it tested..." --Angel110heart, 05/05/10
"You know what, when the penny drops that the politicians of this world don't work for the electorate but for Big Business...i.e the banks,then one little catch will have been opened on Pandora's box.Maybe then ignorant,imbeciles whose only method of research is to be spoon fed like a child..i.e.main stream education (that is now tripping up on it's own fabricated half-truths)and the Orwellian media, might wake up and smell the coffee. I would like to thank the brave investigators of this world, who dare tread where imbeciles/cowards etc of this world dare not venture, to soldier on dispite idiots like UK Resident." --Truebrit, 05/31/10
"UK Resident makes an excellent point about disinformation campaigns. Let's makes sure we have our discernment on before believing everything we read. I'm not directing that comment at this web site though :-) I think that the worst sites are those that mix mostly fact with a little bit of fiction calling for the utmost in examination and research as well as those that make you think "they" are in control to make you feel hopeless like the ones UK Resident mentioned that "drop stories to see how gullible people are and gauge their acceptance..." I have seen also seen job ads for government goons to post on YouTube and Twitter, but they are fairly obvious since they tend to divert from the topic at hand completely or at flat-out inflammatory. So, get out your BS spray and discernment glasses as well as your full armor of God." --Watcher, 11/23/10
"Watcher, You point out about"hired guns" representing the government (and corporate interests) posting on the web. It's usually pretty easy to tell the fake poster from the real ones. I did read about new software recently that allows one poster to anonymously assume multiple identities when posting to chat boards. So now these trolls can have a 5 or 6 way conversation with themselves!" --Glenn, 10/14/11
"you people are a bunch of paranoid half wits. You all need to seek help from a professional and perhaps start some sort of therapy group. I struggle to even comprehend how you can manage to be so gulible. It defies belief. Freeking idiots." --ex pat, 01/29/12
"Expat, I see you hired guns are still using the same old tired methods to try and ridicule and discredit people who hold views that are unpopular with the perpetraitors. Always the same ridicule and name calling...but never a well- thought out congent argument for why we are wrong...guess writing an intelligent rebuttal or doing some actual research and presenting it is more than you"posters for hire" can manage...just don't think you are actually fooling anyone with your bs." --glenn, 09/07/12
"I was glowing with natural beauty. The first of 2012. Thought to myself it was too g to be a good year. Well then these hair like fibers were coming out of my skin I have been to 5 Doctors and then all tell me to stop scratching .. If they only knew. I have broke just about every bone I. My body I thought breaking my hip topped all pain .Oh no it's this MOREGELLONS shit I'm off to a ear Dr. Monday and just feel this is a waste of my time. I feel like I'm dying I do not even look the same Im fifty was 23 and holding and now I feel like I'm going blind and feeling 150 . Somebody please help Thanks for reading God help us who ever has this and ANGELS ALL AROUND YOU ALL ...... Cindy-Les B Still alive ......." --Cindy lee, 11/10/12
"This is a grave time indeed (not to make a pun). With the Barium and other chemtrail toxins and pathogens raining down on us since 1997 we also have the ongoing release of Fukushima radiation poisoning the globe and the Pacific ocean (this is not being covered by main stream media). Enough radiation has been released at this point that it approximates the levels that would be expected to be released in a global thermo-nuclear war. We are getting the radiation of WWIII without bombs actually having gone off. On top of this there is an unfolding emergency situation that has been brought on by the idiots perpetuating this geoengineering that could wind up being a massive planetary Extinction Level Event. Please view the video link in the first image" --Glenn, 03/06/13
"How can we get the Media to take this on. I see nothing in the papers, nothing in the News on TV. We need this to happen to get moving....." --Anita Mogford, 08/26/13
"I read a very interesting article. When you tell people it is like they turn a switch off in their brain. They either can't figure it out or they have been too Dumbed Down or just plain Ignorant to the Agenda here. That is a damn shame that this is the Truth about people. Dummy's for certain. Only the certain few acknowledge what is going on." --Jane, 01/02/15
"Sometimes I just have to shut down for awhile and go into denial about the horrible things that are going on...sometimes it is just too much to take in and I feel overwhelmed with sadness for what is being done. I am fighting back in small ways. I will not purchase GMO foods or meat that has been fed GMO grains, as much as possible I only buy organic, I pray almost every night for an end to the contamination of the earth,I never allow myself to be vaccinated. I will not drink fluoridated water or use toothpaste or mouthwash with fluoride. I boy cot anything that Monsanto is connected with." --Glenn, 04/12/15
"Malvern has had a lot of spraying today 30/10/17 For about 3 hours plains were criss crossing the sky which left unusual cloud formations. I took a load of pictures. Why are the TV stations not showing this. More Government cover ups The New World Order is pulling the strings and want to kill us off." --chris white, 10/30/17
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