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"Dear Clifford,
    I have been curious as to whether or not the chemtrails have increased the death rate. I found it very difficult to get official figures to compare different years so I decided to do an informal check using the death notice archives from my local newspaper.
    I was shocked at what I found. These figures are truly alarming. I compared the number of death notices for the same two months (Jan and Feb) going back for ten years (to compare pre chemtrails years with chemtrails years).  [ed. Chemspraying started in approx. 1998.  The following figures suggest a huge rise in deaths during the "chemtrail" years..Also noteworthy re these figures is the comment by Ken Welch ( 1/5/06).  Mr Welch states that in 1999, "in the midst of ongoing chemical operations against its own population, Uncle began to experiment with bio delivery systems as well."  Note that it was in the years after '99 that the death rate exploded.]  continued next
copyright Glenn Boyle
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