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Interesting Comments From John Kostura
"A friend of mine also heard the discussion about contrails on the radio and he was interested but not moved by the discussion. One thing mentioned in the radio program was that usually two days following heavy spraying in an area, an ad will appear in the local newspaper asking for volunteers for a respiratory study. Sure enough one day he saw the sky covered by odd contrails and two days later the ad appeared in his local news paper. That and his own subsequent respiratory illness convinced him."
Ed note:  I would like to add that I have also noticed the "respiratory study" ads.  Additionally I have noticed ads seeking volunteers suffering from vein problems or leg pain.  These ads seem to always run during periods of especially heavy chemtrailing.  I don't recall hearing about PAD (Periphrial Arterial Disease) before the chemtrails started, now there are frequent ads about PAD on TV.  I wonder if there is a connection between PAD & chemtrails.
John Kostura's web page features chemtrail images and commentary from the Oklahoma City area:
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