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Comments from Ken Welch:

"The most startling, and indeed fearful event of 1999 was when, in the midst of ongoing chemical operations against its own population, Uncle began to experiment with biological delivery systems as well. In community after community that year hundreds of people would become ill all at the same time. [ed. note figures for the years following 1999 show a huge explosion in the death rate (see info posted at image #109 & 110).  Some were sick for six weeks or more, and many died.  Authorities never seemed to have an interest in identifying the bug, and news organizations would never go farther than to describe the deaths as being caused by "flu-like symptoms".  In a year that CDC described as a very light flu season, 20,000 Americans managed to die of "Flu-Like" on top of the regular toll.  Large cities would suddenly announce that all the emergency rooms had become full virtually overnight."
"I think it is a crying shame when our Government can do what it pleases to us LETS TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY before it is to late WAKE UP PEOPLEfight for your rights" --Albert Thomas, 08/10/09
"My question is. Why would any goverment want to kill not only their own citizens but also their own families? Chemtrails could kill of the entire population within a few years. This defense technology is total insanity!" --Mountain High, 09/23/09
"It seems the powers that be are determined to reduce the world population through whatever means necessary. Check out this article on immuno sterilization." --glennb, 10/01/09
"There is no question at all as to the legitimacy of Chemtrails, or even the weakening of ones immune system from taking flu shots, many of whom get dreadfully ill with death resulting who were fully healthy prior to an injection. Because one does not understand "why" does not dismiss the agenda of a US govt that is seeking control over its own though a wide variety of means, including genocide though seemingly benine impreceptable measures to those who never wonder, question or think beyond a "rose colored world" GET INVOLVED!" --David S, 05/02/10
"bastards" --Pamela, 11/04/10
"In response to Mountain High's question, "Why would any goverment want to kill not only their own citizens but also their own families?" I've thought about this too. My theory is that "they" have air filters and antidotes to combat the effects. I wouldn't put it past "them" to have some type of advanced blood-filtering system as well. From what I've researched and reasoned, the intention and results of chemtrails are three-fold: 1)To cause disease as stated here which bolsters pharmaceutical and care facility profits. Coincidentally, we now have government-run health insurance to monitor the effects. I want to say that I read that annual doctor's office visits are mandatory under this plan. 2)To effect food production resulting in shortages, inflation, and reliance on genetically modified seeds (problem-reaction-solution method) which benefits food production companies, seed companies, and chemical companies that produce farm products. See also the draconian measures contained in S.510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act which affects not only food but herbal treatments. Take a look also the globalist organization Codex Alimentarius involved in regulating food production. All for our "protection" of course. 3) As mentioned on another site, the chemtrails interact with HAARP to effect mood and thought. In my opinion, combining this effect with incessant television viewing makes it much easier to mold the opinion of the masses while conveniently reducing their cognizance of this process and instead making it appear that it is their own thought process. What can we do? Not much besides write letters and vote in my opinion. I've turned to God and the Bible. It gives me peace and hope." --Watcher, 11/23/10
"A few thoughts on chemtrails blocking the sunlight.... It impairs the immune system and the body's ability to produce Vitamin D3 leading to increased risk of infection as well as osteoporosis. It also affects the ability to grow food. It also leads to depression. It also causes higher heating bills. So, we're back to benefiting the "power" industries again: pharmaceuticals, care facilities, food and chemical companies, as well as the energy companies. While I'm on the topic of energy, I think the recent coal mining accidents are no accident. "They" want to stamp out that inexpensive source of energy and make us completely reliant on oil and gas. Another thought on Mountain High's question on killing themselves in the process, I'd venture to say that there is little spraying over areas where the elite reside such as Martha's Vineyard, Crawford Texas, Kennebunkport Maine, Chappaqua New York. Plus, they can afford and have access to the very best air filtration systems would be my guess." --Watcher, 11/23/10
"Excellent post watcher. I have repeatedly heard that when George Bush was president and went home the neighbors always knew he was back because the skies were suddenly chemtrail free. I have also noticed an absence of chemtrails in my area whenever the president or other high placed dignitaries were visiting the city." --Glenn, 03/23/11
"I believe God gave me revelation on a possible solution to this. Everyone should release multiple balloons multiple times everyday." --Win, 03/18/20
"I believe God gave me revelation on a possible solution to this. Everyone should release multiple balloons multiple times everyday." --Win Win, 03/18/20
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