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Please take the time to watch this video from carnicom.  This concerns all of us.
Carnicom video
"If people are the enemy,(Search Reality 101 Population reduction quotes)and the elite are going to reduce our number by 75% by "whatever means necessary", I"m not sure they will be able to live in the world they are left with. Bottom line, they still have to live with themselves." --susan paz, 08/18/09
"I think that the elite behind this are so mind controlled that they really aren't capable of thinking about the long- term consequences of their actions. Ultimately, they are possibly under satanic or alien control and the true controllers have no real regard for the masses or for the elite." --glennb, 08/22/09
"Is their any way that our immune system can become stronger through this, this subject really freaked me out for years I new something was up.I had a million dollar view of the sierras sunrise was awesome then around 10am I couldn't see the mountains, I have seen a unmarked jet come out of a strange cloud that the cloud lingered most of the day" --Monte Craig, 11/23/09
"Believe me, I have had Morgellons for over 8 years now and this disease is so complex, it attacks the body from so many different angles, I do not think the immune system can handle it. It is like the new AIDS. Alot of people with long term Morgellons are now dying and getting more seriously ill and coming down with cancer. The body just cannot handle the toxic load of this engineered pathogen, plus the nano infections that goes along with it. I have recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma and I believe that Morgellons is the main culprit in causing this." --glennb, 02/27/10
"I think the government and the elites have sold out to aliens. Greedy bastards that reaping power and money at the expense of humanity, knowing they will be dead before the horrors of it all come to fruition" --montejohn, 04/28/10
"So sorry about your Morgellons, glennb. I believe you. I agree with your comments as well as montejohn's about aliens which I think they are most definitely demons/fallen angels who do travel back and forth from earth to the heavens according to the Bible. I also agree with the mind-control influence of these evil planners. They bought the lie of Satan who claims that all kingdoms of the earth belong to him (remember that he tempted Jesus with this in offering Jesus the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would bow down and worship him). God owns the earth and it belongs to Him and His people which they will inherit without these chaff. Try to remember that God is in control and that these folks are only fulfilling His secret designs and purposes and that they are under a delusion." --Watcher, 11/23/10
"For those who argue that there are simply more trails across the sky. Because there are now far more planes than there were a few years ago! OK. SO HOW COMES THAT IN THOSE DAYS. PLANES DID NOT EVER EVER LEAVE TRAILS THAT TURNED INTO CLOUDS??? LIKE THEY DO TODAY? DO ANY READER RECALL SEEING VAPOUR TRAILS STAY UP THERE FOR HOURS AND TURN INTO CLOUDS NO SIR! From Raymond" --Raymond, 07/19/13
"Hi, I realize some of your pages are older now, but, on most links I click on there is an error 404 missing page, and when I clicked on the Carnicom video I couldn't find a chem-trail related video on their site, maybe it's gone or buried? You have great information, but it's too bad your site isn't updated, as people really need to know this is happening in 2021 as well! Thanks for what you do!👍" --Leslie Henderson, 05/30/21
copyright Glenn Boyle
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