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Send Your Album in a Small Email

Email All Photos. Send 100's at Once.
ImageEvent has solved the way to send your photos by email. There is no link to visit. Other websites make you sign into their website just to see the photo album. Easily, just send your entire photo album in an email.

Instant View. 0 Clicks.
Your recipients will see all photos immediately. Photos are automatically downloaded. You know your recipients will see all the photos immediately.

Small Email. No Attachments.
Each email is a tiny in size - only about 10k. There are no attachments to open. The email is smaller than in size than 1 photo.

No Plugins Required.
There are no plugins required. It works with online providers such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and AOL as well as email programs as Outlook Express, Netscape and Eudora.




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