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Easy to Upload

5 Easy Ways to Upload
• Easy Upload  Standard Browse Buttons.
• Mega Upload   Powerful Java Applet.
• FTP Upload   Even More Powerful. Just drag & drop.
• Email Upload   Send email of attached images.
• Mail us a CD   Mail us a CD we'll upload them.

Upload Large Quantities at Once, Even ZIPs
Upload an entire ZIP consisting of all images. Upload all images at once. Easy!

Interactive Progress Meter
Interactive upload tools show upload statistics. Total, How much left, speed (kb/sec) & time left (hh:mm:ss).

Automatic Generation of Sizes. No wait.
Thumbnails and enlarged images are generated fast & automatically. Change compression ratio of generated images.

Works With All Computers
It works with: Windows, Mac, WebTV, Linux, Unix. Even all Browsers Supported: Internet Explorer, Netscape 4.x & 7.x, Mozilla, Opera, Safari. No plugins or java required.

Feature Rich Photo Albums Store Images, Flash, PDF and Videos
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