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PTE Acoustics is a company formed to create what is arguably the finest loudspeaker for home use ever devised, The Statement. The speaker is approximately 5 feet tall, over 2 feet deep, and each weighs well over 400 pounds. It's imaging is like that of a small studio monitor speaker, once thought to be impossible to create in a speaker capable of handling sound volumes as loud as a live performance.

I am proud to be associated with the most cutting edge loudspeaker on the planet. Tweaks love these speakers. One demanding audiophile called the PTE Statement Loudspeaker "perhaps the best sounding speaker I have ever heard."

These are the two sides of the brochure I designed for PTE Acoustics. I shot all the images and laid out the artwork all within a couple of days.

If you know of anyone who needs such artful displays created for their businesses, have them get in touch with me. --db

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