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Baseball Cards Through the Ages
From 19th Century to the Modern Era
(and everything in between)

email: h2oya311@yahoo.com

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HOF Rookies - A to Z
1. HOF Rookies - A to Z 
HOF "Rookie" and "Pre-Rookie" collection (254/333 = 76.3% complete)
43777 Visits
418 Images
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Almost HOF Collection
2. Almost HOF Collection 
"Rookie" and "Pre-Rookie" collection of potential HOF players and modern stars
4866 Visits
42 Images
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HOF Earliest
3. HOF Earliest 
Checklist and images of the earliest cards and photos for each member of the Baseball HOF.  *IN PROGRESS*

Please email me at h2oya311@yahoo.com with any proposed edits or additions.
145 Albums
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Want List
4. Want List 
Cards I want (mostly to complete my HOF "rookie" set)
14241 Visits
125 Images
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Baseball Stamps
5. Baseball Stamps 
Collection of pre- and post-war baseball stamps including 1911 Helmar Stamps, 1914 Piedmont Stamps, and 1915 Postaco Stamps
22 Albums
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1923 V100 Willard's Chocolate
6. 1923 V100 Willard's Chocolate 
V100 (168/180 = 93.3% complete)
2894 Visits
163 Images
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Japanese HOF
7. Japanese HOF 
Collection of Japanese HOF baseball cards
4886 Visits
117 Images
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1954 Red Heart Dog Food
8. 1954 Red Heart Dog Food 
15 Visits
4 Images
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Rickey Henderson Collection
9. Rickey Henderson Collection 
*ALL FOR SALE* Random assortment from my collection of the greatest lead-off hitter of all time.  Lots (LOTS) more not scanned.  Over 2,000 unique items.
6194 Visits
188 Images
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1946 Propagandas Montiel
10. 1946 Propagandas Montiel 
*All for sale*
108 Visits
48 Images
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Cards For Sale or Trade
11. Cards For Sale or Trade 
Prices listed include shipping.
e-mail me at: h2oya311@yahoo.com
19968 Visits
380 Images
Gallery Album
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