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Warbirds, The Mighty C-46 4/2016
The C-46 was the pride of nobody's fleet, but a large number of war survivors populated most non-scheduled airline fleets in the 1950s. Even the American trunk lines found a home for C-46s, mostly as freighters, but a few in passenger service, such as Northeast. A few of these warbirds are still flying today.
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Enlarge photo 1
A S A International C-46
A very rare airline issue of an ASA International C-46. It was the first C-46  I had ever seen, in Louisville somewhere around 1956.
N1662M shown above,originally flew for National Airlines in 1948, went to ASA in 1953, and was ditched in the Gulf of Panama Dec. 12, 1956.

Enlarge photo 2
Safeway (Aero Coach) C-46
Aero Coach flew for Safeway Airlines, in the 50s. This postcard is produced by Safeway, with no mention of the Aero Coach name.
It was delivered to Aero Coach in 1955, and left for Paraguay in Nov 1957. In 1960 it was operating in Panama,, but went to PIPSA of Peru in 1961. In 1965 it was sold to Trans Peruana, and crashed into a mountain near Rioja , Peru on 23 Feb 1966

Enlarge photo 3
Aerosucre C-46
This is a Skyline issue of what would appear to be a factory fresh Aerosucre C-46.
It went to Brazil in 1948, operated for Varig from 1961-1968, then joined ARCA in Colombia. Aerosucre bought it in 1975, and operated until March 13, 1984, when it crashed at Baranquilla

Enlarge photo 4
Aerovias Q C-46
One of the most common C-46 cards is this Aerovias Q issue. Q flew from Key West to Havana in the "good old days", and carried a lot of passengers.
CU-T583 originally flew for ANDES of Peru, and Aaxico before Q, and was sold to LACSA in 1959. Crashed on landing at Palmar Sur CR in August 1960.

Enlarge photo 5
Aerovias Q C-46 #2KCF
A 2nd shot of Aerovias Q's C-46 released after the previous card,

Enlarge photo 6
Alaska C-46
Alaska took delivery of N1242N in 1950, but subsequently leased the aircraft to Resort Airlines which crashed it at Chattanooga in 1955. The card is an unidentified modern card.

Enlarge photo 7
A really rare card of ARCO's C-46. ARCO's C-46's flew from Uruguay to Buenos Aires in the 1950s.They were followed by Convairs, but alas, there are no Convair cards.

Enlarge photo 8
Austral C-46
My favorite C-46 card is this Splendid airline issue from Austral.

Enlarge photo 9
Braniff C-46
This is not a postcard. It was taken from a Braniff fleet brochure in the 1950s. It would have made a nice card.

Enlarge photo 10
Buffalo C-46
This is a JJ issue of a wonderful Henry Tenby photograph. Buffalo made great use of the C-46 in Arctic Service.

Enlarge photo 11
Continental  Charter C-46
Another very rare card, this is a Continental Air Charter issue of their C-46. At the time, they also operated the Stratoliner. What a great card that would be!

Enlarge photo 12
Delta C-46 #2
An outstanding view of Delta's C-46 Freighter. This is a Flying Moose issue, of what certainly must have been a Delta photograph. It would have been great in color.

Enlarge photo 13
Delta C-46 #3
The best of all C-46 cards is this splendid oversized Delta issue, kindly provided by Kuo-Ching Fu. This beauty operated for Delta from 1957-1967.

Enlarge photo 14
Everts Air C-46 KCF
An interesting and , I'm sure, quite rare card of an Everts Air C-46 minus titles, issued by a Dutch clothing Company. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.
N1651M was once an Alaska Aircraft, but I can't find its early history.

Enlarge photo 15
Northeast C-46 #1A
This C-46 and 1 other flew for Northeast in the early 1950s. N1381N was delivered to Civil Air Transport after the war, and Went to Northeast in 1954. It became an Austral aircraft in 1959 and was broken up in Argentina.

Enlarge photo 16
Nunasi Northland C-46
A stunning postcard of a Nunasi Northland C-46. An outstanding Martin Siegrist photograph, it is a World Collector Cards Issue.
"This shot is by Martin Siegr..."
"Correction acknowledged. Tha..."
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Enlarge photo 17
Pan Am Ramp #1A
This is the only postcard view of a Pan Am C-46 I have seen. A Miami Airport Issue, I have cropped the photo to feature the C-46. I believe this may have been in passenger service.

Enlarge photo 18
Safeway (Peninsular) C-46
Another Safeway Issue, which shows a Peninsular C-46 boarding passengers. Not too common.

Enlarge photo 19
SAM C-46
An absolutely outstanding  SAM issue of their C-46 in flight. In my view one of the very best airline issued C-46s.

Enlarge photo 20
TAN C-46
This is the excellent TAN issue of their C-46 flying over Miami Beach. One of the few actual photographs on an Airline Issue C-46

Enlarge photo 21
Varig C-46
Not a postcard but a publicity photo from Varig of the C-46  PP VCM. Acquired from the Marine Corps, it went to Air Haiti in 1972.

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