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The Super Great DC-8 6/2016
My Favorite airliner, the nearly indestructible DC-8 filled an assortment of roles, luxury airliner, international charter specialist, and heavy cargoliner, with many in operation long after most 707's were put to rest. These are a few of my favorite DC-8 cards!
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Enlarge photo 1
Aer Turas DC-8-63 #3
A great postcard sized photo by Robert Wilmoth of an Aer Turas 63 taking off at Louisville. For a number of years Louisville was DC-8 central, aided by the UPS fleet of 70s, and numerous military charters featuring the various Supplementals

Enlarge photo 2
Aer Turas DC-8-63 #1
A nice Aer Turas issue, produced by Paul Duffy.

Enlarge photo 3
AeroMexico DC-8-50 #3
My favorite of the two AeroMexico DC-8-50s.

Enlarge photo 4
Aeronaves De Mexico DC-8-63
A beautiful over length Aeronaves Issue of the DC-8-63, not very common

Enlarge photo 5
Aeronaves Del Peru DC-8-50F
One of the last Airline Issues of a DC-8-50, this is a splendid view.

Enlarge photo 6
Air Afrique DC-8-50 #1
One of my favorite DC-8 cards, this is an outstanding Air Afrique issue.

Enlarge photo 7
Air Canada DC-8-40 #3
My favorite of a number of Air Canada issues of their Rolls Royce powered DC-8.

Enlarge photo 8
Airlift International DC-8-63
A great airline issue from Airlift. One of my first DC-8-63 cards.

Enlarge photo 9
Alitalia DC-8-40 #4
A very nice Alitalia DC-8, one of a number of Alitalia issues.

Enlarge photo 10
Alitalia DC-8-40 #8
An absolutely exquisite card of  an Alitalia DC-8 at Turin.

Enlarge photo 11
Atlantis DC-8-63 #2
Undoubtably the most spectacular DC-8-63 card is this splendid Atlantis issue.

Enlarge photo 12
Aviaco DC-8-50
Another great DC-8-50 card, the Aviaco is not too common

Enlarge photo 13
Birgenair DC-8-61
An absolutely stunning card of the Birgenair DC-8-61, issued by Avimage.

Enlarge photo 14
Braniff DC-8-62 #3
Surprisingly, Braniff never issued a DC-8 card in the "Flying Colors" livery. This beautiful view was issued by Air Pictorials.

Enlarge photo 15
Capitol DC-8-50 #2
Capitol  issued some very nice DC-8 cards, but none better than this great view of their series 50 shown above. I believe this was their first DC-8 card

Enlarge photo 16
Canadian Pacific DC-8-43 #7
This beautiful vintage Plastichrome card is one of a number of very nice cards of the Canadian Pacific DC-8-43.

Enlarge photo 17
Club USA DC-8-30 #1
The travel club "Club USA" left the great ONA colors on this DC-8, A short lived airline that did have 2 printings of the card.
"I have one of the cards in f..."
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Enlarge photo 18
Eastern DC-8-20 #4
The classic Eastern DC-8 card, always one of my favorites.

Enlarge photo 19
Eastern DC-8-61 #3
This awesome Eastern DC-8-61 card was attached to a charter acknowledgement.

Enlarge photo 20
Emery DC-8-73 #1
A splendid oversized card of Emery's DC-8-70 in flight.

Enlarge photo 21
Evergreen DC-8-50 #1
The supplemental airlines were big DC-8 operators. This is a great airline issue from Evergreen.

Enlarge photo 22
Finnair DC-8-62 #1
An excellent Finnair issue, including the smoke. Not that common.

Enlarge photo 23
Flying Tiger DC-8-63F #2
A splendid Flying Tiger issue, the best of 3 from Flying Tiger.

Enlarge photo 24
Garuda DC-8-50 #2
One of three great DC-8 cards from Garuda

Enlarge photo 25
German Cargo DC-8-73 #2
The first airline issued DC-8-70 card I received was this German Cargo issue, the best of 3 simultaneous issues.

Enlarge photo 26
Iberia DC-8-50 #2
My favorite Iberia Issue of the 50.

Enlarge photo 27
Icelandair DC-8-63 #1
Really one of the great DC-8 cards, this over-length card is one of my favorites

Enlarge photo 28
Japan  DC-8-50 #8
A nice night view of a 50 on the ramp. From an overlength airline issued set

Enlarge photo 29
Japan  DC-8-61 #1
Japan's first DC-8-61 issue, and the only one in the original colors. Not too common.

Enlarge photo 30
Japan  DC-8-62 #1
Even less common is the 62 card, which recently brought over $150.00 at auction.

Enlarge photo 31
K L M DC-8-30 #10
My favorite of many KLM DC-8 issues.

Enlarge photo 32
K L M DC-8-63 #1
An excellent KLM issue of the 63.

Enlarge photo 33
National DC-8-61 #2
This is the outstanding and very rare National DC-8-61. My favorite Of all the DC8s.

Enlarge photo 34
Nationair DC-8-61 #2
The only Nationair issue is this nice DC-8-61 card

Enlarge photo 35
ONA DC-8-50
The first card I received from ONA was this outstanding DC-8-50.

Enlarge photo 36
ONA DC-8-71
An awesome card of the DC-8-70 in the final ONA Colors. An outstanding Avimage issue.

Enlarge photo 37
Pan Am DC-8-30 #4
No doubt the best postcard view of Pan Am's DC-8 is this vintage Editions P I card from the "Ciel de France" series.

Enlarge photo 38
Rich International DC-8-62 #2
Another nice Avimage issue, this is a Rich International 62.

Enlarge photo 39
Saturn DC-8-61 #1
The Saturn DC-8-61 oversized card, one of only two Saturn Airways issued cards.

Enlarge photo 40
Scanair DC-8-63 #2
A nice Scanair issue of their DC-8-63 in later Scanair colors

Enlarge photo 41
Spantax DC-8-61
An uncommon Spantax issue of their DC-8-61.

Enlarge photo 42
Swissair DC-8-62 #3
Swissair had a very nice card of the 62, but I like the vintage Photoglob, shown above even better.

Enlarge photo 43
Sudflug DC-8-30
This outstanding DC-8-30 from Sudflug was only issued in Black & White

Enlarge photo 44
TAE DC-8-30 #1
My favorite of 3 TAE issued DC-8s

Enlarge photo 45
TAI DC-8-30 #2
The greatest card ever issued by TAI, it's a little harder to find than most of their prop cards.

Enlarge photo 46
Trans Caribbean DC-8-61 #2
Not too common is this outstanding in flight card of the Trans Caribbean DC-8-61

Enlarge photo 47
Trans International DC-8-50 #1
A rare Trans International issue in the original colors.

Enlarge photo 48
Trans International DC-8-61 #1
A splendid view of TIA's DC-8-61.

Enlarge photo 49
Saber Air DC-8-61
A rare DC-8 card from a short lived airline, this DC-8, leased from Trans International could be the same image modified to Saber livery

Enlarge photo 50
U A T DC-8-30 #1
A common but beautiful DC-8 card, this UAT over length is just outstanding.

Enlarge photo 51
United DC-8-30 #1
An excellent DC-8 card from Curteicholor, sold at airports in the early 1960s

Enlarge photo 52
United DC-8-61 #4
The least common of United's 61 cards was this over-length issue.

Enlarge photo 53
Universal DC-8-61 #1
One of the best airline issues of the 61, I believe this was the only card issued by Universal.

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