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The Supplemental Airlines 4/2017
After the war, surplus aircraft spawned an explosion of Airlines operating services outside the realm of the "certificated" scheduled Airlines. Basically offering charters for both freight and passengers, but strictly limited in terms of frequencies the airlines marketed on the basis of low cost. Often safety was the victim of low costs.
   In the early 1960s the CAB undertook a process of eliminating  high risk operations, and sanctioning Airlines that met the criteria to become an official "supplemental" Carrier. Of the hundreds that once existed 13 became official "Supplemental" Airlines.
   The demand for military charters, and the initiation of publicly sold "advanced booking Charters" in the late 1960s and 70s resulted in an explosion of growth for the Supplementals, but the end of the Viet-Nam war and the advent of deregulation ultimately eroded the market niche, and gradually the Supplementals fell.
    These are some post card reminders of that era.
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Enlarge photo 1
American Flyers Fleet
This is a 1963 issue from American Flyers, featuring their new Electra, which was picked up when Capital cancelled their order. Also shown is an 049 Constellation. AFA acquired 4 constellations from Delta in 1960.

Enlarge photo 2
American Flyers Electra #3
A rare and beautiful card of American Flyers Electra N183H, originally built for Capital Airlines, but not delivered.
The airliner was lost in a crash at Ardmore airport in Oklahoma in 1966, with AFA president Reed Pigman at the controls. He suffered a heart attack during landing.

Enlarge photo 3
American Flyers 727-100
American Flyers acquired 2 new 727-185C's in 1968, which made history by becoming the first 727s to be operated on Tran Atlantic service.
This is an excellent AFA issue

Enlarge photo 4
American Flyers 727-100 #2KCF
A splendid oversized card of the American Flyers 727,  by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu. Very hard to find.

Enlarge photo 5
American Flyers DC-8-63 #1
The queen of American Flyers' fleet was the DC-8-63, delivered in 1970. The airline had been acquired by the Hillman company of Pennsylvania, which quickly repainted the DC-8s into a new livery, before resale of the airline to Universal.
The card is an IAWP issue.

Enlarge photo 6
American Flyers DC-8-63 #2
IAWP Issue  Final Livery

Enlarge photo 7
Capitol DC-8-50 #1
Capitol International , founded and operated by Jesse Stallings, was one of the first Supplementals to take delivery of new jet equipment. This DC-8-54F arrived at Capitol in 1963. This is a nice Capitol Issue.

Enlarge photo 8
Capitol DC-8-50 #2
One of my favorite DC-8 cards is this outstanding in flight issue I received from Capitol in 1964.

Enlarge photo 9
Capitol DC-8-61 #1
The first DC-8-61s arrived at Capitol in 1968, leased from Universal. The stretched DC-8s became the ideal aircraft for charter operations, carrying over 250 passengers in Trans Atlantic service.

Enlarge photo 10
Capitol DC-8-63 #3KCF
This is an airline issue from Germany, an information card describing the 3 DC-8 models operated by Capitol.
Image by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 11
Capitol DC-8-61 #2
A later issue of a Capitol International DC-8-61.

Enlarge photo 12
Capitol DC-8-63 #1
The first Capitol DC-8-63 was also delivered in 1968. This airline issue shows the last livery on the DC-8s.  N 907CL was delivered in August of 1968, operating until 1982. After a lease to Icelandair it went to Evergreen International and in 1988 was converted to a 73 for UPS.

Enlarge photo 13
Capitol DC-10-10
Capitol initiated "sky saver" scheduled Trans Atlantic services with 2 ex Western DC-10s in 1981, also adding 3 of Laker's original Sky Train aircraft.
The scheduled services were popular, but not profitable, and ultimately, in 1984, perhaps the greatest of the Supplementals

Enlarge photo 14
Evergreen DC-8-50 #2
A really Jumbo oversized postcard from Evergreen International, this is their first DC-8-50, originally delivered to United in 1961. It was sold to Air New Zealand in 1971,  where it operated until sold to Evergreen in 1976. It was leased to Northeastern International in 1982, and finally b/ u at Marana in 1984.

Enlarge photo 15
Evergreen DC-8-50 #1
A very nice Evergreen issue of the DC-8, from 1977. Evergreen only operated 3 of the standard length DC-8s.

Enlarge photo 16
Evergreen DC-8-61 #1
An outstanding Editions PI issue of an Evergreen DC-8-61.

Enlarge photo 17
Evergreen 727-100
An IAWP issue of  Evergreen's first 727, an ex Lufthansa aircraft.

Enlarge photo 18
Evergreen 727-100 #2KCF
A splendid view of Evergreen's 727 on the ramp. The card is a fold up mailer issued by the Airline. Image by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 19
Evergreen DC-9-30
An Evergreen Issue produced by IAWP of N931F, the first convertible DC-9-30, delivered new to ONA in 1967. It had additional careers with  Airborne Express, and Everts Air Cargo before retirement in 2014.

Enlarge photo 20
Evergreen 747-200
An Evergreen issued card of N 482EV,  Including the full crew. Originally a Singapore Aircraft, but operated for a number of years by Pan American. In the 1980s it was the Clipper Wild Wave, which served until the end of Pan Am.

Enlarge photo 21
Evergreen DC-8-71 #1TH
N816EV was delivered new to Flying Tiger in 1968, operated for Cargolux from 1977-1983, and sold to Evergreen for conversion to a 73. Card by courtesy of Terry Hale

Enlarge photo 22
Modern Air Convair 990 #5
This is the Rarest of the Modern Air 990 cards, in the original livery. Once an American 990, it was soon painted in the more familiar Modern Air colors.

Enlarge photo 23
Modern Air Convair 990 #1
A jumbo sized airline issue of Modern Air's N5605, an ex American airliner that is featured on all their postcards.

Enlarge photo 24
Modern Air Convair 990 #2
The most common Modern Air card is this blank back standard sized issue.

Enlarge photo 25
Modern Air Convair 990 #3
In my view the best of the Modern Air 990s is this German issue. Modern Air was very active with charters out of Germany.

Enlarge photo 26
Modern Air Convair 990 #4
Another excellent Modern Air issue.

Enlarge photo 27
ONA DC-6B #2
I believe the first ONA issued card is this in flight DC-6B. Shown is N63ONA, delivered to ONA in 1958. it went to Aaxico in 1961, Saturn in 1965, Shamrock in 1972, and finally, Rosenbalm in 1978.

Enlarge photo 28
ONA DC-8-50
ONA's first jet postcard was this splendid DC-8-50 in flight. Shown is the Flagship Resurgence delivered new to ONA in June of 1966.
The rapid growth of ONA was facilitated by the acquisition of numerous DC-8-20s and 30s, available at little cost, and featured on the Bi-Centennial aircraft cards.

Enlarge photo 29
ONA DC-8-30 #5
A nice oversized issue of one of the 2 ONA Bicentennial DC-8s, also released as a smaller than standard sized card.

Enlarge photo 30
ONA DC-8-21 # 4KCF
A very nice take off view of the ONA companion bicentennial aircraft, featuring the Confederate flag. This card by courtesy of Kuo-Chinf Fu.

Enlarge photo 31
ONA DC-8-30 #4
An ONA issued artwork card featuring the first bi-centennial DC-8

Enlarge photo 32
ONA DC-8-63 #2
ONA received their first DC-8-63CF in September of 1968, using the aircraft primarily in passenger service. Besides the 4 delivered directly to ONA, a number of 63s and 61s were acquired from other airlines..
This card is a rather unimpressive ONA issue.

Enlarge photo 33
ONA DC-9-30
The first DC-9-30CF went to ONA in August  of 1967, shown on this IAWP issue.  After service with ONA it went to Evergreen, Airborne Express and Everts, now reportedly stored at San Marcos TX.

Enlarge photo 34
ONA DC-10-30 #2
The Queen of ONA's fleet and my first Trans-Atlantic flight was this Aircraft, N1033F, shown on this ONA issue. the DC-10s appeared to be cursed, as 1031 and 1032 had already been written off in accidents, a fact that I foolishly revealed to my fellow passengers in Row 1.
1033F was to perish later while operating for Korean.

Enlarge photo 35
ONA DC-8-71
This is a beautiful Avimage issue of the resurrected ONA DC-8-71. The new ONA lasted until 1986..

Enlarge photo 36
Purdue DC-9-30
Purdue Airlines (Purdue Aeronautical Corp.) was headquartered in West Lafayette, and functioned not only as the smallest of the Supplementals, but as working classrooms for Aeronautical degrees.
Three new DC-9-30s were delivered in 1969, and operated on Caribbean charters for the most part.  The airline shut down in 1971.

Enlarge photo 37
Rich International DC-8-62 #7a
Not truly a postcard, this DC-8-62 is the back half of a fold over "brochure". Rich flew 7 DC-8-62s on world wide charter services.

Enlarge photo 38
Rich International DC-8-62 #2
A nice Avimage issue of a Rich DC-8-62 landing.  Like most supplementals, Rich started with C-46s, but was launched much later in 1969.

Enlarge photo 39
Rich International DC-8-62 #4KCF
Rich DC-8-62s were used by the Swiss Tour operator Ferrien Service for flights to Florida from Zurich, even adapting titles and issuing several over-sized postcards. Cards provided by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 40
Rich International DC-8-62 #5KCF
Another excellent card of the Rich DC-8-62, N 1805, far more famous for its time as Braniff's special Calder aircraft.

Enlarge photo 41
Rich International Tristar #4
The front half of the Rich fold over "brochure", featuring the new Tristar. Rich ultimately operated 16 Tristars.

Enlarge photo 42
Rich International Tristar #2
An excellent oversized postcard of the Rich International Tristar in its final colors, received from Rich in 1993. Ultimately, Rich perished in 1996.

Enlarge photo 43
Saturn DC-6B
A rare oversized Saturn Issue of one of their DC-6Bs, presumed to be Ex American Flagship St. Louis

Enlarge photo 44
Saturn Hercules
Saturn employed a large fleet of Hercules, as well as Electras to handle its cargo volume. N10ST was delivered new to Saturn in 1970. It went to Trans International with the merger, went to Southern Air Transport in 1987, and TransAfrik in 2005.
The card is an Aironautica Issue.

Enlarge photo 45
Saturn DC-8-61 #1
A great Saturn oversized card of their DC-8-61 N8955U, delivered in late 1967. It was leased to Seaboard World, and operated for Capitol and Flying Tiger, as well as Trans International before becoming a UPS DC-8-71.

Enlarge photo 46
Southern Air DC-7C
An uncommon 1968 Southern Air issue of their DC-7C in full freighter configuration. N 73774 was a Pan American airliner, the Clipper Kingfisher acquired by Southern Air in 1967.

Enlarge photo 47
Southern Air Hercules #2
The Hercules was the heart of Southern Air's operation. A beautiful in flight Southern Air Issue

Enlarge photo 48
Southern Air 707-320C #2
A splendid airline issue of Southern Air's newly hush kitted 707 N523SJ, an ex Kuwait 707, which ultimately was leased to Air Afrique, and written off  in Mali in 1996.

Enlarge photo 49
Southern Air DC-8-70F
This DC-8-71 was once a United airliner, operated for Southern Air  for 3 years, and finished its career with Emery Worlwide. Now Southern Air continues to operate primarily for DHL in Kentucky.

Enlarge photo 50
Standard 707-138B #2
Standard like the other supplementals was launched with C-46s and C-47s, in 1946. Three 707-138s were acquired from Qantas  in 1967, only 1 of which operated until the airlines demise in 1969. The card is a vintage unidentified publisher card.

Enlarge photo 51
Standard Convair 440
A very nice card of one of Standard's Convair 440s, which were leased from Eastern in the final year of Standard's operation. This one went on to operate for Mackey until 1974.
A JJ Postcards issue.

Enlarge photo 52
Standard DC-9-10
A splendid airline issue of one of Standard's DC-9-15s, delivered in 1966. The new DC-9s operated charters primarily to Canada and Mexico until the end of 1968. N490SA, shown on the card went to Ozark upon Standard's demise, continued to fly with TWA, and ended life with ASERCA of Venezuela. An occasional visitor at Louisville, we loved the gleaming gold and white colors.

Enlarge photo 53
Trans International DC-8-50 #1
The first TIA issue of their new DC-8-50. Standard size, rather hard to find.

Enlarge photo 54
Trans International DC-8-50 #3KCF
A very rare oversized Trans International issue of their DC-8-50 in the delivery colors.
Kindly provided by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 55
Trans International L-1049 Constellation
One of the last Super H Constellations operated by Trans International, painted in the mid 60s colors. An IAWP card.

Enlarge photo 56
Trans International DC-8-50 #2
The 2nd TIA DC-8 issue from around 1965.

Enlarge photo 57
Trans International DC-8-50 #4KCF
This is the rare oversized version of the TIA dc-8 in the green colors, kindly provided by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 58
Trans International 727-100
A rare oversized card of Trans International's 727-171C. TIA received 2 in 1978 and operated them for 4 years before sale to Braniff in 1972.

Enlarge photo 59
Trans International DC-8-61 #1
A nice TIA issue of their DC-8-61 N8961T. This beauty arrived at TIA in 1967, and operated for the short lived Saber Air of Singapore from 1971-1973. This image is also used on the Saber Airline Issue.
She passed through Nordair and Evergreen before becoming a UPS 71

Enlarge photo 60
Trans International DC-8-63
Trans International added the 63s to the fleet in 1969. This is a TIA issue from 1970.

Enlarge photo 61
Trans International DC-10-30 #2
The year 1973 brought DC-10-30s to TIA, which was soon to become Transamerica.

Enlarge photo 62
Transamerica DC-8-63
The name change to TransAmerica resulted in new postcard issues, including this excellent DC-8-63.

Enlarge photo 63
Transamerica DC-8-73
The ultimate DC-8, a beautiful 73 model operated by TransAmerica. One of the few AI DC-8-70 cards.

Enlarge photo 64
Transamerica DC-10-30
TransAmerica only acquired 3 DC-10-30s, which operated from 1973 to 1981, when sold to Air Florida. Ultimately they were converted to freighters for FedEx.
N101TV  became the new Orbis aircraft in 2015

Enlarge photo 65
Transamerica 747-200 #1
A splendid IAWP issue of N741TV, the first 747-271C delivered to Transamerica in 1979. It spent much of its time leased to other carriers and was sold to Cargolux in 1987

Enlarge photo 66
Transamerica 747-200 #2
The airline issue of TransAmerica's 747.

Enlarge photo 67
Universal DC-8-61 #1
Universal evolved from the original Zantop, and was a huge C-46 operator. The airline took delivery of two new DC-8-61s in 1968  to capitalize on the booming charter market. Both were sold to ONA in 1972, as the Airline was acquired by Saturn.
Most non military charters were to Mexico
    The card is an outstanding Universal Issue.

Enlarge photo 68
World DC-6B
A nice ramp view of World Airways' DC-6A, N 90783, delivered new to American in 1957,  and purchased by World in 1960. Served with World through 1969. Ultimately written off in Zaire.

Enlarge photo 69
World L-1049H Constellation
World's Super H Constellation N101R, was actually delivered to Resort Air in 1957, but was leased to TWA until 1961.  World operated it from 1961-1964. Usually credited as AI, published by Mike Roberts.

Enlarge photo 70
World 707-320C #2
I suspect this was the first World issued 707 card. It would appear to be a pre delivery item.

Enlarge photo 71
World 707-320C #1
This splendid 707-373C was the first card I received from World. To me it was an exotic treasure. N374WA was delivered to World in August 1963, and operated for 10 years before sale to Saudia. in 1978 it was sold to TAAG in Angola, and in 1988 it became an Angola Air Charter aircraft. Scrapped in 1993

Enlarge photo 72
World 707-320C #3
Another outstanding AI view of the 707.

Enlarge photo 73
World 707-320C #4
A final postcard look at World's 707s.

Enlarge photo 74
World DC-8-63 #3
N801, 802, and 803WA were originally built for Airlift, but delivered to World in 1971.  Three additional 63s were acquired from Atlantis.

Enlarge photo 75
World DC-8-63 #1
The DC-8-63s operated for World until the late 1970s

Enlarge photo 76
World DC-8-63 #2
After a number of leases the last DC-8-63 left World in 1984. These were 3 common World issues.

Enlarge photo 77
World 747-200 #1
World was the first Supplemental to introduce 747s, receiving 3 in 1973 and 74. For the most part they were leased to other airlines, including Pan American. However World operated 747-400s starting in 2011. This is the only World issue of the 747.

Enlarge photo 78
World DC-10-30 #1
This World issue doesn't do justice to their DC-10-30.

Enlarge photo 79
World DC-10-30 #2
A little better view of N103WA from Aviation World. This beautiful DC-10 was delivered to World in 1978, operated for 8 years and went to United as N1856U. Operated with United until 2001, and was sold to Cielos Del Peru. now stored at Marana

Enlarge photo 80
World DC-10-30 #3
A nice JJ issue of one of World's DC-10-30s in the final World livery.

Enlarge photo 81
World MD-11 #1
The first World issued MD-11 was this generic pre-delivery card.

Enlarge photo 82
World MD-11 #2
An excellent World issue of their MD-11.  This airliner N280WA was delivered to World in 1993, was leased to a number of airlines and was bought by FedEx in 2001.

Enlarge photo 83
World MD-11 #3KCF
A splendid Oversized World Issued data card of their MD-11 N780WA, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 84
World MD-11 #4KCF
Also an oversized data card of the MD-11F, Kindly provided by Kuo-Ching Fu. N274 WA was originally delivered as a passenger aircraft in 1994, converted to a freighter in 1998

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