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Remembering the Avro/HS 748 1/2018
In the late 1950s, the DC-3 replacement contest was still underway. Fokker's F-27 was near introduction, including planned US production by Fairchild. By the time Avro launched, the F-27 was clearly in the pilot's seat (so to speak).
After first considering a similar design, Avro opted instead for a low wing aircraft designed to serve a niche market, specifically developing world markets where short field performance and self sufficiency were at a premium.
While the approach was self limiting to a degree, the 748 proved to be exactly as advertised, even resulting in its operation into Chicago's tiny Meigs Field. Ultimately the aircraft found broad acceptance in a wide variety of roles. Some 380 were produced, and operations continue in 2018.
Following are postcard views of this rugged and practical airliner. Also added are cards of its less than successful derivative, the ATP.
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Enlarge photo 1
Avro 748 #1 KCF
An Avro issue of the prototype 748, first flown in 1960, later modified to a 780, Parked in June 1965.  Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 2
Aeromaya HS-748 sn 1599
A rare AeroMaya issue of their HS-748,"Palenque", delivered in 1967. By 1969, AeroMaya became SAESA. It also operated for Aerocaribe as "Cozumel" prior to sale to Quebecair as C GAPC. It served Quebecair until retired and B/U in 1987

Enlarge photo 3
Aerolineas Argentinas HS-748
One of the first operators of the Avro 748 was Aerolineas Argentinas. LV PUM , "Ciudad de San Juan" was delivered in 1962, and operated until sale to Dan Air in June of 1977 as G BEKD. Sold to Air Condal of Spain in June 1983, but retired in 1985 upon the failure of the airline. Suffered the humiliation of being used for fire training for years afterward.

Enlarge photo 4
Air B V I  HS-748
An excellent Air BVI issue of G ATMI, proudly wearing its owner's (Dan Air) colors. Originally delivered to Autair in March, 1966, it was leased to various operators until 1970, when sold to Court Line. Resold to LIAT in December 1971.
Dan Air acquired it in 1975, and leased it to Air BVI in 1982. Returned to Dan Air until sale to Emerald Airways.  B/U in 2001

Enlarge photo 5
Air Cape HS-748
A very nice in flight Air Cape issue of ZS JAY. It was originally delivered to Rousseau in 1973 as F BUTR. Air Cape acquired it in 1975, and operated operated it until 1988, when acquired by Kel Air of France as F GFYM. In 1997, it joined the other HS-748s at West Air of Sweden. Now retired.

Enlarge photo 6
Air Ceylon HS-748 #1KCF
A very rare Hawker Siddeley issue of Air Ceylon's lone HS-748.  4R ACJ operated from 1964 to 1978 when it was destroyed by a bomb of uncertain origin.
This splendid card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 7
Air Gaspe HS-748
An uncommon Air Gaspe issue of their sole HS-748. CF AGI was delivered new to Air Gaspe in 1971, and continued with Quebecair after the airline was integrated. In 1988 it was sold to Air Manitoba, operating until 1998, when purchased by Air North. Retired in 2014

Enlarge photo 8
Air Illinois HS-748
An excellent in flight card of Air Illinois' HS-748, received from Air Illinois in the late 1970s. N-748LL was delivered to Air Illinois in 1973, operating from the Illinois capital to Chicago Meigs field  as well as other destinations until a tragic crash in 1983.

Enlarge photo 9
Air Madagascar HS-748
A splendid APC issue of Air Madagascar's 5R MJA, delivered new in 1979. it served Air Madagascar until November 2001, when sold to Horizon as VH IPA. now WFU

Enlarge photo 10
Air Niger HS-748
Air Niger took delivery of its sole HS 748  5U BAR in 1981. After 10 years it was sold to Kel-Air of Canada in Nov. 1991. In 1994 it went to Wasaya, operating until 2004. Ultimately was W/O in Sudan in 2009
Card is an APC issue.

Enlarge photo 11
Air Senegal HS-748 #1
This is a surprisingly common Air Senegal Issue of their HS-748 6V AEO. It operated for 18 years before crashing on Feb. 1, 1997

Enlarge photo 12
Air Senegal HS-748 #2
A much harder to find Air Senegal issue of their 748 on a route map.

Enlarge photo 13
Airline of The Marshall Islands HS-748 #1KCF
An excellent Hawker Siddley Issue of V7-8203, one of the last 748s delivered, wearing its 1983 delivery registration and livery. It operated for 2 years and went to Royal Tongan until sold to Airquarius Aviation of South Africa in 1999 as ZS OLE. DBR in 2002 landing accident due to hydraulic failure.

Enlarge photo 14
Austin HS-748 #1
An excellent oversized card of Austin Airways' 748 C GGOO in flight. This was delivered originally to South African as ZS-SBY in Feb. 1971. It was sold to Austin in Nov 1983, and continued after merger with Air Ontario. It was then sold to Air Creebec in Feb 1989. Sadly written off in Nov 1991.

Enlarge photo 15
Austrian HS-748 #2
An outstanding in flight Austrian Issue of their 748 OE LHS, delivered in 1966. Austrian sold it to Skyways at the end of 1969. Resold to Dan Air in 1971, operating for 13 years, until lease to Philippine as RP C1031 in October 1984. She was returned to DAN Air in September 1989. The final stop was Northland Air Manitoba in 1992, where it is scrapped.

Enlarge photo 16
Austrian HS-748 #3
An outstanding vintage Austrian card from Alpine Luftbild. OE LHT was delivered to Austrian in 1966. Sold to Philippine in 1970 and Written off at Manila in 1975

Enlarge photo 17
Austrian HS-748 #4 KCF
An absolutely stunning postcard of Austrian's OE LHT in flight. Card is a Dexempo issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 18
Autair HS-748
An outstanding Autair issue of G ATMI, delivered in March of 1966. By 1968, it was being leased to various airlines before sale to LIAT in December 1971. In 1975 it was sold to DAN-Air, operating for 6 years before lease to Air BVI. (This is the aircraft shown on the BVI card). Returned to DAN-Air in 1982, and finished its service with Emerald in 1996.

Enlarge photo 19
B K S HS-748
B K S was an early, but brief 748 operator, Taking delivery of G ATAM in 1965.  After a year, it was leased first to Aerotaxis of Mexico, then Philippine before return to Hawker Siddeley. Subsequently leased to Ghana, Maersk, Zambia and South African before sale to Air Gabon in 1972. Sold to Air Creebec in 1976, and Wasaya in 1999. WFU 2005.
Card is a Buchair issue.

Enlarge photo 20
Bahamasair HS-748
Another outstanding APC issue is this Bahamasair in flight card. Delivered in 1979, it flew exclusively for Bahamasair until damaged beyond repair in a hurricane in 1998

Enlarge photo 21
Belgian Air Force HS-748 #1 KCF
A beautiful In Flight card of the Belgian Air Force HS-748 delivered on June 28, 1976. Operated until 2002 when sold to the Benin Air Force.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 22
Bop Air HS-748 #1 WD
A rare Bop Air Issue of their HS-748 ZS LSO, which was originally delivered in 1980 to Air Illinois, but returned in 1982. It operated on a number of leases from 1983-1986 before sale to Bop Air (later to become Sun Air)in 1986.
In 1996 it was acquired by Executive Aerospace, once again operating on various leases. Its last operator was Pelican Air Service. Stored in 2005. Card by courtesy of Bill Demarest.

Enlarge photo 23
Bouraq HS-748 #2 KCF
A rare and outstanding card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu, this is a British Aircraft issue proclaiming the addition of 6 new 748s to Bouraq's fleet. PK IHN operated from delivery in 1983 to a landing crash at Ambon in 1996.

Enlarge photo 24
British HS-748 #1
A splendid in flight British Airways issue of G BCOF, delivered in 1975. It operated for 20 years before sale to Horizon of Australia as VH IMK in 1995. In 1997 it was sold to Independent Air Freight, then in 2006 Stars Away Aviation (South Africa), Timbis Air of Kenya in 2011 where it was written off.

Enlarge photo 25
British HS-748 #2
Another nice British issue in their artist series.

Enlarge photo 26
British HS-748 #5
G BCOF also appeared on the over-length British Airways set.

Enlarge photo 27
Cascade HS-748
Cascade was one of the few US operators of the 748, taking delivery of 2 in December 1981. N118CA, shown on the above ACP issue went to First Air in 1985, and was written off at Ottawa in 1988.
Card is an APC issue.

Enlarge photo 28
Civil Aviation Authority (UK) HS-748 #1 KCF
This rare card is a Christmas issue from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. G AVXI was delivered in 1968, and operated for 30 years before sale to Emerald Air. Now scrapped.  Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 29
D L T HS-748 #1
An interesting DLT issue of an unidentified 748 in the "Red Baron" colors. These operated in the very early 1980s but were subsequently repainted in the traditional DLT livery.
"Thanks to Kuo-Ching Fu for c..."
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Enlarge photo 30
D L T HS-748 #2
An excellent in flight DLT issue of D AHSC, one of the later 748s, delivered in 1981. It was sold to British in June 1988 as G-HDBC. In 1995 it was sold to Zimbabwe Express, operating until its collapse in 1999. Executive Aerospace of South Africa was the final operator.
This airliner is shown on the Executive Aero postcard which follows.

Enlarge photo 31
D L T HS-748 #3
One final DLT Issue of their 748 on the ramp.

Enlarge photo 32
Dan-Air HS-748 #5
A beautiful in flight card of DAN Air's G-ARAY. It was delivered new to Aeropostal in 1961, leased to Varig as PP-VJQ in 1965 and 66. In 1967 it went to Maersk, operating through 1971 before arriving at DAN Air. B/U in 1990.

Enlarge photo 33
Dan-Air HS-748 #2A KCF
An Earlier Dan Air issue of G ARAY by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 34
Dan-Air HS-748 #4
G BEBA, shown on this DAN-Air issue, was originally a Fiji Airlines aircraft, VQ-FAL, delivered in 1967. It is the aircraft shown on the Fiji airlines issue following.

Enlarge photo 35
Dan-Air HS-748 #3A KCF
An Earlier Dan Air Issue of G BEBA by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 36
Executive Aerospace HS-748 #1 KCF
Another rare card from Kuo-Ching Fu is this outstanding Executive Aerospace issue of 748 ZS NWW. This is the aircraft shown on the DLT Issue above. It operated for British from 1988 to 1995 when it arrived in South Africa, for Executive Aerospace. It apparently was leased to other carriers such as Alliance Express in 1998, and Air Excellence in 2002.

Enlarge photo 37
Fiji HS-748
A very nice Fiji Airlines issue of their 748 VQ-FAL, delivered in 1967. It operated until Jan 7, 1976 when sold to DAN-Air as G BEBA. in October 1984, it was leased to Philippine Airlines as RP-C1032 until returned in May of 1989. Then sold to Kelner Airways of Canada operating until destroyed by a fire in 1991.

Enlarge photo 38
First Air HS-748
An absolutely splendid Mary Jayne's issue of First Air's 748 C GDUN in flight. Originally delivered to Aeropostale of Venezuela in 1966, it was sold to Regionair/ Quebecair in 1981 operating until sold to First Air in 1984. WFU in 2002

Enlarge photo 39
Ghana HS-748
Certainly my favorite HS 748 card is this splendid Ghana issue. 9G-ABX was delivered to Ghana in 1969, operating until sold to Eastern Provincial in 1981 as C GEPB. Resold to Calm Air in 1987.  Now WFU.

Enlarge photo 40
Guyana HS-748
Another excellent APC issue featuring a Guyana Airways 748, 8R GEU. This beauty (one of two) was delivered in 1977, and operated continuously into the 2000s. Now derelict at Georgetown.

Enlarge photo 41
Hawker Siddeley Coast Guarder KCF
This is a Hawker Siddeley issue of their Maritime reconnaissance demonstrator. It was a standard aircraft, delivered new to COPA of Panama in 1968, operating until the mid 70s when apparently returned to Hawker Siddeley for conversion. In 1981, after conversion back to civilian purpose it was leased to DLT as one of the "Red Baron" airliners featured on their postcard.
In 1982 it was sold to British Airways and finally sold to Calm Air in 1985. Now WFU

Enlarge photo 42
Indian HS-748
This more or less hideous card was issued by Indian Airways, representing one of the Hindustan manufactured 748s. Some 25 were built operating for Indian Airways and various government entities. A substantial number of them were written off, and I have not been able to identify any that we're operated outside of India.

Enlarge photo 43
Jersey European HS-748
A splendid in flight Jersey European issue of G BGMO, which originally was delivered to Trinidad and Tobago Air Services as 9Y-TGI in 1979. TTAS was merged into BWIA in 1980, and  after serving several years the airliner was leased to LIAT.
Euroair purchased it in April 1986, for lease to British Airways. When returned in October 1989, Jersey European leased the aircraft for 2 years, and produced this excellent card!  Its next stop was Mount Cook in 1993, and finally, it was sold to Emerald in 1996, operating until 2008.

Enlarge photo 44
L I A T HS-748 #1
An early LIAT issue of their 748 VP-LIK, delivered in 1966, and operated for 20 years before sold to Aviation Consultants. For parts? Scrapped by 1987

Enlarge photo 45
L I A T HS-748 #3
An excellent LIAT issue of their 2nd 748 also delivered in 1966, but shown in its later livery. It also operated 20 years before going to Philippine Airlines as RP-C1042. It operated for Philippine for 2 years and was returned to Hawker Siddely. B/U in 1980.

Enlarge photo 46
Linhas Aereas Da Guine-Bissau HS-748
An outstanding and rare airline issue from Guine Bissau, shown in its delivery registration. It became J5-GAT in 1978 and also served for 20 years befor sale to West Air Sweden as SE-LID.

Enlarge photo 47
Macavia HS-748 #1 KCF
G BNJK  sn 1594  This Macavia tanker was originally delivered to Eastern Provincial in 1978 and operated until acquisition by Canadian Pacific in 1986.  It was modified to a tanker and went to MAcavia in 1987. Retired in 1995  A rare airline issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 48
Merpati HS-748
One of my favorite 748 cards is this Merpati issue. Among the large diverse Merpati fleet only (2) 748s were delivered in 1971, PK -MHM, & PK-MHR. They did however, operate successfully for Merpati their entire service lives, now B/U in Surabaya.

Enlarge photo 49
Mount Cook HS-748 #5
An excellent postcard view of Mount Cook's HS 748 ZK DES delivered on July 21, 1971. It operated from 1971 to 1997, when sold to Royal Tongan. Resold to Emerald on Feb. 25, 1998.
In 1971 it was wearing "Mt. Cook Airlines" titles.

Enlarge photo 50
Mount Cook HS-748 #6 KCF
Another excellent image of Mount Cook’s HS-748, ZK DES, in flight.  By Courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 51
Mount Cook HS-748 #2
A very nice Mount Cook issue of ZK MCA, "Rangitoto", delivered new to Mount Cook in 1972. Sold to Royal Tongan in 1995, later joining the other 748s at Emerald as G OTBA .
This one wearing "Mount Cook Line" Titles.

Enlarge photo 52
Mount Cook HS-748 #4
One more earlier Mt. Cook issue, featuring "New Zealand's Mount Cook Airlines" titles.

Enlarge photo 53
Mount Cook HS-748 #7KCF
Another nice Mount Cook issue of a 748 on the runway. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 54
Mount Cook HS-748s #1 KCF
An excellent Mount Cook issue showing 3 748s. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 55
Philippine HS-748 #1w
An uncommon over-length card of Philippine Air Lines' HS 748 PI-C-1018, delivered in January 1968. It operated for
Philippine until January 10, 1979, when sold to Bradley Air Services (First Air). When retired on April 30, 2007 it was the high time 748 at 65,521 hours.

Enlarge photo 56
Quebecair HS-748
An APC issue of C FAGI. Originally delivered to Air Gaspe in 1971, this is the aircraft shown on the Air Gaspe card. Operated with Quebecair until sale in 1998 to Air Manitoba. Became an Air North airliner and is believed still active.

Enlarge photo 57
R A F Hawker Siddeleys #1KCF
An excellent postcard view of an RAF HS-748 in flight with a 780.
"The 780s were modified to ac..."
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Enlarge photo 58
R A F Queen's Flight HS-748 #1 KCF
An excellent card of the RAF 748 XS 790, operating for the Queen's Flight. SN1652, delivered in 1964, it operated until transferred to the Defense Evaluation and Research agency in 1997. Now scrapped.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 59
R A F HS-780 #1KCF
An outstanding in flight view of an R A F HS-780 "Andover", a modification of the 748, equipped with rear freight door.
This beauty was delivered in 1966, and was finally scrapped at Northolt in 1997.
A Photo Precision issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching FU

Enlarge photo 60
Rousseau HS-748
A beautiful in flight Rousseau issue of their 748, F BSRA, delivered in September 1970. Rousseau became part of TAT in 1976, and operated on behalf of Air France.
Sold to Austral in March 1987, then to Air Senegal from March 1990 to August 1992.

Enlarge photo 61
Royal Nepal HS-748
An excellent Royal Nepal issue of 9N AAU. Delivered in1969, it spent its entire service with Nepal. It is now derelict at Katmandhu.

Enlarge photo 62
Ryanair HS-748
EI BSE Arrived at the fledgling Ryanair in 1986. It had been delivered to B K S in April of 1963. In 1967 it went to Skyways before purchase by Ryanair. In 1990 it was acquired by British Independent Airways, and ultimately went to Necon Air of Nepal in 1992. Unfortunately written off at Pokhara in 1997
Paul Duffy production AI?

Enlarge photo 63
S A T A  HS-748 #3
An excellent SATA issued post card sized photo of their 748 CS TAO, delivered in 1977. It operated for SATA until 1992, when delivered to LAR of Portugal. In June 1994 it joined the other 748s at Emerald, but is now being used as an artificial reef for scuba divers.

Enlarge photo 64
S A T A  HS-748 #2
The new scheme represented on this card was introduced in 1987, on 2 newer models originally ordered by Air Virginia.

Enlarge photo 65
Skyways (UK) HS-748 #1
A splendid Skyways issue of G AXVG sn 1589. This beauty is the aircraft shown on the Austrian issue above.
Received by Skyways in 1969, subsequent years saw service with DAN Air, Philippine, and Northland Air Manitoba.

Enlarge photo 66
Skyways (UK) HS-748 #2
An outstanding Skyways issue of G ARMV, delivered to Skyways in 1961, and sadly damaged beyond repair in 1965.

Enlarge photo 67
South African HS-748
A beautiful South African issued HS-748 card. South African received 3 748s in early 1971. ZS SBU, SBV, and SBW were all sold to Austin Airways in 1983.  SBU finished life at First Air, SBV (The aircraft shown on the Austin card) was written off with Air Creebec in 1992, and SBW ended its service with the Sri Lanka Air Force.

Enlarge photo 68
TACV HS-748 #2 KCF
TACV ordered (2) HS 748s for delivery in 1973. D4 CAV shown on the Sal International Airport Issue above spent its operating life at TACV, and was ultimately sold to Emerald for parts. A rare card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 69
TransGabon HS-748
An uncommon TransGabon issue of their HS-748, TR SQJ, delivered to TransGabon,  but becoming part of Air Gabon in 1971. The airliner was originally leased to TransAir of Canada in 1968. It subsequently was leased to Air Cape, South African and Zambia before arriving at TransGabon. In 1976, it was sold to Eastern Provincial, and operated until W/O in 1981

Enlarge photo 70
Transkei HS-748 #1

Enlarge photo 71
Varig HS-748
This is a nice and rather uncommon Varig issued 748 card. Varig took delivery of 10 aircraft new from Hawker Siddely from 1967-68, operating through 1976. Of these, 4 were written off, 1 went to Fred Olsen, and the remaining 5 were delivered to Bouraq.

Enlarge photo 72
Zambia HS-748
This is a common Zambia issue of 9J ABW, delivered to Zambia in 1970, and operated until 1989. It then flew for 2 corporate owners before joining the rest of the 748s at Enerald.

Enlarge photo 73
British  Aerospace ATP KCF
Dennis Issue

Enlarge photo 74
British ATP #1
A very nice ATP card from the British Airways art series, representing G BTPA, delivered on Dec. 22, 1988. It operated for 10 years before joining Air Europa Express. It was subsequently converted to a cargo aircraft for Atlantic Airlines, and was sold to West Air Sweden in 2015.

Enlarge photo 75
British ATP #2
G MANC was delivered new to Loganair in Oct. 1993, but was sold to Manx in March 1994. It began operating for British in 1996. In November 2003 it was sold to Trident Leasing. Now stored at Coventry.

Enlarge photo 76
British Midland ATP
G BMYM was the first ATP delivered, arriving at British Midland on Jan. 17, 1988. It was sold to Manx on October 31, 1993. Finally joined the other ATPs at West Air Sweden in 2006.

Enlarge photo 77
British World ATP
This beautiful British World issue features G OBWL, which was an unsold aircraft, finally delivered in 1997.  It has now joined the other ATPs at West Air Sweden in 2006.

Enlarge photo 78
Euro Direct ATP #1 KCF
An excellent German publisher card showing G OEDE operating for Euro Direct. One of two originally delivered to THT of Turkey in 1992, it operated only a year for Euro Direct before leases to Manx,& Air Europa Express. Sold to Atlantic for Freighter conversion in 2007. Current with West Atlantic

Enlarge photo 79
Loganair ATP
An excellent Loganair issue of G OLCC, delivered in August of 1989. It operated until March of 1994, when sold to Manx, where it operated as a British Regional until 2001. Purchased by Atlantic and converted to cargo in 2005, and finally sold to West Air in 2015.

Enlarge photo 80
Manx ATP #1
An outstanding Manx issue of their ATP  G OATP, delivered in March 1989. It became a British Regional airliner in 1996, and was sold to Euroair in 2004.  Now united with the other ATPs at West Air Sweden.

Enlarge photo 81
Portugalia ATP #1 KCF
CS TGL was a SATA airliner delivered in 1989. It operated for SATA until 2010 except for a lease to Portugalia in 1996. An excellent view captured on a J Soares issued card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 82
S A T A  ATP #2
This is a multi view card from SATA Azores showing CS TGL, their first ATP delivered in 1989. It remained with SATA until October 2010, when it was sold to Nextjet.

Enlarge photo 83
S A T A  ATP #1
An absolutely splendid in flight view of one of SATA's ATPs.

Enlarge photo 84
S A T A  ATP #3
One final SATA issue of the ATP.

Enlarge photo 85
One of a set of 20 SATA issues commemorating the service of the ATP by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 86
A nice take off view of the ATP from the SATA set.

Enlarge photo 87
S A T A  Multipanel  #1 KCF
Most of the cards in the set are multi-panel cards such as this interesting combination of views.

Enlarge photo 88
A very rare airline issue taken from my want list, this is a THT ATP, shown with its delivery registration. It became TC THT after delivery in September 1991.
It was sold to Trident Leasing in Nov. 1993, and operated for Eurodirect, Air Europa Express, and First Flight Couriers before sale to Aircraft Maintenance Services.

Enlarge photo 89
United  Express ATP
The ATP finally entered the US market in January 1990 with an order from Air Wisconsin. Shortly after delivery the airline became a United Express operator, and British Aerospace issued this unusual sticker card of the aircraft. The 14 aircraft order was a big boost to the ATP, but it did not spur further American interest.

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