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No To Merle

KnD takes a stand against the merle coat pattern in Rat Terriers. Read more HERE

There is no purebred merle Rat Terrier.
Forgetting the health issues associated with merle,the pattern happened on the sceen in the late 1990's to early 2000 when UKC (United Kennel Club) was showing intrest in accepting Rat Terrier into thier registry. At that time another breed had to be introduced in. This makes them hybrids not purebreds.

Merle breeders will tell you that it is ALL good news about merle that all health issues associated with merle are nothing but "scare tatics" and it's all "malarkey". A&M and all the other research done on merle, was NOT so there could be "scare tatics". They are actual factual studies. I am more apt to believe those studies than people that are looking for an excuse to say it is safe only so they can make it look "RIGHT" to breed it.

There are no case studies or factual studies that make the statment that there is "NOTHING" wrong with the merle pattern.

Read more about merle HERE and why those dogs are not purebred Rat Terriers, but instead crossed/hybrids that they are asking exorbitant prices for.

Breeding 2 merles together is certainly a way to bring on major health problems, but there is now documented proof (see here) that puppies from a one parent merle breeding are more likely to have health issues than puppies from two non-merle parents. Not double merle.. but a single merle parent.

If you know of or have seen AKC/UKC registered merle Rat Terriers, someone has lied. This pattern is NOT an acceptable pattern for Rat Terriers.

AKC and UKC the 2 major dog registries will not..does not register the merle coat pattern on a Rat Terrier. It is a disqualification. A disqualification means the dog DOES NOT meet breed type. Because merle should not be on a Rat Terrier and it is not any part of this Rat Terriers history. The only way to get this pattern is it has to be introduced and how do you do that? Use another breed that has it. The only registries that will register these hybrid/crossbred dogs as Rat Terries are the pet registries. More offten than not these pet registries are unscrupulous and not up front... out and out lies on pedigrees. I would advise any puppy buyers no matter the breed to avoid these pet registries completely they are just not above board and honest. The truth is many have been started by what some see as puppy mills who have learned a new trick in trying to make themselves look more reputable. If you see any other registry other than AKC or UKC ask yourself WHY? Why would they need another registry, why would they need to INVENT a registry and ask who owns that registry. Doesn't that send up a red flag TO YOU?

Once this parasitic gene enters our gene pool it will not be always detectable to the eye and it can easily creep into any line through a breeding to a different line rather than using your own "safe" Merle free line.

I have seen merle "rat terriers" priced at $1,200.00. The price based solely on color pattern. No mention of health testing just color and coat pattern.


We ask that you please do a little research and see why.
See the health issues this VERY attractive coat pattern causes.
You can start by

This article- Updated January 26,2011
There is NO such thing as a PUREBRED MERLE RAT TERRIER.

*Please note, merle is not in any of the foundation breeds. Therefore,
merle is NOT a common or natural pattern for the Rat Terrier.
Merle is being introduced through some other
breeds making them hybrids not purebred.

We must have STRUCK A NERVE!

The merle puppy mill
breeders want you to think we don't know tha FACTS.
Fact is.. every claim that is made
and discussed has a link.
We encourage you to do some research find out about
the VERY real health issues connected to the merle pattern.
A pattern that is NOT in a pure bred Rat Terrier. This puppy mill
wants to show you ALL OUR health issues.. big deal!!
We test and ALL the good and bad results are already public knowledge.
Breeders already have ENOUGH issues to deal with so why in heavens
name would we want to create ANOTHER by breeding MERLE
that we KNOW has KNOWN issues.
That's also why this pattern is being banned around the world.
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