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Sometimes we have rescues or retired dogs available. If this is what your looking for. please ask us. If we don't have any available we can put in touch with someone who can help.
Thank you.
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The Duke Weenies (Rescues)
1. The Duke Weenies (Rescues)  (01/03/15)

No more available *happy dance*

The black and tan Luke is still looking for his forever family.

Here is Faith and her litter. They are our foster litter for Anna and her rescue. Durant Animal Alliance. All questions and adoptions must go through Anna. Today they are 10 weeks old and one day. And so beautiful. You can contact us and we will put you in touch with Anna.

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2. ADOPTIONS  (May 19, 2010)


We have none
available at this time.

Sometimes KnD has retired or rescues looking for a new forever home. If this is more what your looking for please contact us. We may have a dog looking for YOU.

All these dogs will be altered prior to placement. The adoption fee will be the price of alteration, boosters, microchip and shipping if needed.

You will be required to sign a promisory note that will basically say..
"You promise to keep this dog up to date on monthly heatworm prevention and yearly boosters. You promise to keep it fed and sheltered from cold, heat, rain and snow with a yard to romp in or exercised regularly. You promise that if a situation arises that you can no long take care of this dog that you will NOT give it to a shelter but return it to KnD at your expense."
As you can see the promisory note is merely general basic dog care that anyone should do if they love and have a dog.

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Vanilly and her babies
3. Vanilly and her babies  (May 16, 2014)


Here is Vanilly,, a young lady dumped on the streets pregnant.

She was found by great people and we have whelped the litter for rescue.

These babies will be available later via the rescue to approved homes.

They will all be altered prior to placements.

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Bertha and her Rescue Litter.
4. Bertha and her Rescue Litter.  (December 12, 2013)


This folder has Bertha and her babies.

Bertha found us on the Highway near us. She was very obviously pregnant.... and dumped.

We opened the car door and she climbed in. She was expressing milk and ready to be a very young mummy.

We bought her home and this now her home. She will liver her life out with us. But within 24 hours she had her beautiful babies.

She has 5 girls and 1 boy.

Bertha is what we believe to be a young border collie cross maybe,, and that really does not matter. She had merle babies so we feel her "baby daddy" may be an Australian Shepherd.

Regardless,,, these babies are beautiful. Two are merle,, some are "fuzzy".... some have a tighter coat like her.

If you would like to talk about this baby or just talk Ratties,,

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