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We say these dogs in this folder are rescues but really ..who's doing the rescueing?

They make us learn something about ourselves and mostly about other people. We must be VERY naive, have rose colored glasses on or maybe we are just simply blind to the REAL WORLD.

We see our friends and how they treat their dogs and we know how we treat ours. So, when we see the things that our rescue babies have gone through we think.. "How could anyone do THAT" Because the people we know DON'T. We think everyone is like us and our friends and they just AREN'T!!!

These babies are no less our little loves then our Grand Champions. In our hearts they are all winners.
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1. Bisket  (03-16-09)

In Loving Memory Of
He was a tough little boy and he was brave. We will NEVER forget you!!!
We love you so much our brave little man.
I already miss you SO MUCH.

Meet our Bisket. Our beloved baby boy. He came to us as a foster baby for Ratbone Rescue with a heart condition. We fell in love right away but deeply in love as his prognosis was not good.

Our vet is a great person and tried his best to fix our Bisket up. Bisket's heart stopped beating while he was on the operating table and Dr. Mills worked to bring him back to us. Doc said his heart was much worse than he first thought and it was best to close him up and just let him enjoy the life he has. He said he may live a month or to be 2 or 3 or even surprise us all live till he is 10. He was best just to enjoy life until his time come.

We brought little Bisket home and asked Ratbone if we could have him. We didn't think it fair to him to move and uproot him again or even fair to a little child that might only get the pleasure of Bisket for what might be a shot time. Ratbone agreed and let Bisket live with us.

Bisket has lived with us for almost 3 years now. He has premature graying on his muzzle and is probably much smaller than he would have been. He is happy and you would never know he has a problem. He is all heart and does not let it show nor does he let it slow him down. He plays and wrestles with the best of them.

Biskit has made us better people just by being himself.

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Oscar Meyer
2. Oscar Meyer 
Please meet our Oscar Meyer. We are so lucky that this baby boy found us. Our lives are richer for it. Late in Dec 2008 our dogs were barking towards the pasture. When I looked I saw this small redish brown movement out by our tractor. I made my way out there and spotted the skinniest little boney dog. He gave me a little growl but I could see scared and sweetness in there. Slowly I offered him some chicken and being so starved he did not turn it down. Then I gently (with kind soft words on my side) I picked him up. Still unsure but more trusting he let me take him in the house.

He was a bag of bones. You could see every rib and vertebrae. We took a few weeks to get our little sausage on his feet a little bit then off to the vet for neutering and a few unneeded retained puppy teeth removed along with a full vet check. NOW look at the "HOT DOG" he is fat, happy and too funny. We love this boy and we are the lucky ones to have him in our lives.

How he knew we needed one more dog I'll never

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