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Rat Terrier Males

This folder contains albums for each of our males. Here you can see each one of KnD's Rat Terrier males and learn a little more about each one..i.e. their OFA and CHIC Certifications, pedigrees.

Rat Terrier Girls
Date(s): December 20, 2008. 1 - 5 of 5 Total. Shared

<h2>'PR' UKC GRCH KnD's Rose Budd</h2>

'PR' UKC GRCH KnD's Rose Budd


Buddy's D.O.B. October 14th 2009.
We have high hopes for this handsome boy. He is a real looker and he full of ratatude.

June 12th 2010 in Tulsa OK. Buddy became a NEW Champion. On the 13th he won his 1st Champion win giving him 1 leg on his Grand, he won Best of breed and a Group3. We came home very proud.

Newsbreak,,, Budward is now a Grand Champion... on April 23rd in Denton TX Buddy won his 5th Champion win and a best of breed. We are VERY proud of our Rock & Rose boy... he is exactly what we predicted. We would also like to thank friends and family for their support for Buddy and us.

We may let Buddy muscle up some more as he grows into himself,, (he is just 18 months old) and we would love to take him out to show him off some more.

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<h2>CH KnD's Technicolor Dreamcoat</h2>

CH KnD's Technicolor Dreamcoat


Please see our darling Joseph. His D.O.B. is 09/13/10 He has grown into a very nice dog,,, He is a UKC Champion. As seen he is PLL Clear so that is one less worry. We are very proud of this boy and have big plans for him.

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<h2>CH 'PR' KnD's Momma Tried</h2>

CH 'PR' KnD's Momma Tried



Haggs is named after one of my all time favorite country and western singers.
The GREAT Merle Haggard.

Haggs D.O.B 08/01/11 and he is indeed a mommas boy.
Haggs has matured nicley and has impressed us more than we expected.

His first weekend out at the shows, we went to Paris, TX to thier very first Texas K-9 Associations event.

*Show notes:

2nd show, Judge Karen Shivers:
Best Male, Best Of Winners, Best Of Breed and Group 1

3rd show, Judge Rick Gann:
BM,BOW,BOB and Group 1

4th show Judge Debbie Mitchell:

He really took to it after the first show. He not only impressed Ken and I, but I think he made a good impression on a lot of people there.

We said this brfore, but would like to say it again, thanks for a great weekend to all the club members and judges.


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<h2>GRCH KnD's Pretty Boy Floyd</h2>

GRCH KnD's Pretty Boy Floyd


Please see our boy,, The Pretty Boy... KnD's Pretty Boy Floyd. He is from Rock and Montana,,, born 03/16/12. He is shaping up VERY nice.

Floyd is maturing very nicely. Becoming a UKC Champion at 8 months old in one show at Norman OK in November 2012. He loves to show with Darla and can do it well, he is just one of those dogs.

We cannot show a lot but in November 2013 Floyd become a Grand Champion... he showed beautifully with Darla at Norman winning 3 out of 3 champion classes to grand in style. He is a great young man.

Floyd is also PLL Clear so his testing has started. If this young man fulfills half the potential he shows now he will be VERY nice... a Pretty Boy. Help us watch him grow..... He is the man.

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<h2>'PR' CH KnD's Texas Ranger</h2>

'PR' CH KnD's Texas Ranger


Gus is a new Champion!

D.O.B 09/14
Augustus "Gus" is a very handsome black and tan with white and he has calico markings.We're very proud of this handsome fella and his puppies are going to make us even more prouder.

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