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The Tuamotus
600 miles to the WSW of the Marquesas lie the coral atolls that form the large Tuamotu archipelago.  The slow journey took us a week, during which we celebrated my birthday! Atolls are a circle of small islands that form an enclosed lagoon, entered by a pass.  The timing in the passes is critical if one is to avoid strong currents are awfully rough seas.  We visited 2 atolls.  Ahe was a small atoll with one village.  After the Marquesas where we constantly rolled at anchor in the exposed bays Ahe was a lovely change.  The village was small and the people friendly but we felt that one day was enough here so we sailed on to Rangiroa, the worlds’ 2nd largest atoll.  Here I did some spectacular dives into schools of sharks, barracuda, turtles and rays.  The water is exceptionally clear.  Again the friendliness of the locals was overwhelming, we travelled by hitching lifts and the local storekeeper kept giving us many gifts.
Date(s): July 2007. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 39 of 39 Total. 8927 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Meta underway from the Marquesas

Enlarge photo 2

Tuamotus 02

Enlarge photo 3

My 42nd birthday, celebrated underway from the Marquesas to the Tuamotus

Enlarge photo 4

Homemade cake and cards

Enlarge photo 5

Tuamotus 05

Enlarge photo 6

Not a breath of wind.  So we go for a mid-ocean skinny dip!

Enlarge photo 7

Tuamotus 07

Enlarge photo 8

300 miles from land, depth over 12000 feet!

Enlarge photo 9

Tuamotus 09

Enlarge photo 10

Tuamotus 10

Enlarge photo 11

Flat calm.  We can't sail and do not want to motor!

Enlarge photo 12


Enlarge photo 13

The sun should be setting ahead of us as we head west!

Enlarge photo 14

Tuamotus 14

Enlarge photo 15

Tuamotus 15

Enlarge photo 16

Tuamotus 16

Enlarge photo 17

In the lagoon at Ahe, our first atoll in the Tuamotus

Enlarge photo 18

Ahe lagoon

Enlarge photo 19

Monica keeps a look out for coral heads that could spoil your day

Enlarge photo 20

at Ahe the water is clear and there are no sharks, so we can SWIM!

Enlarge photo 21

Tuamotus 21

Enlarge photo 22

Our little ship off Ahe

Enlarge photo 23

Locals swimming late in the day

Enlarge photo 24

Tuamotus 24

Enlarge photo 25

Meta and Clarabella off the quay at Ahe

Enlarge photo 26

The local church in Ahe was decorated inside by thousands of tiny shells

Enlarge photo 27

Jonty and Jeniya from Meta explore the reef between the islands that form the atoll

Enlarge photo 28

Tuamotus 28

Enlarge photo 29

On Rangiroa we visted a pearl farm.  Here the pearl is seeded

Enlarge photo 30

Each oyster is opened slightly to receive its seed

Enlarge photo 31

Clarabella and Myrdinn kids enjoy a computer game

Enlarge photo 32

Dancing in a local hotel

Enlarge photo 33

Tuamotus 33

Enlarge photo 34

Tuamotus 34

Enlarge photo 35

Our anchorage in Rangiroa

Enlarge photo 36

We anchored off the Kia Ora luxury hotel

Enlarge photo 37

Other boats at anchor

Enlarge photo 38

Leaving Rangiroa through the pass where the current can run at up to 9 knots.

Enlarge photo 39

Leaving Rangiroa

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