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Antigua is the centre of yachting – especially superyachting – in the Caribbean.  We arrived into English Harbour on the south coast to meet up with friends, expecting to find ourselves in a tropical version of the Solent.  Instead we found English Harbour very pleasant and civilised, and we appreciated the historical feel of the place.  There’s plenty of good walking around the area and a favourite walk of ours was up and round the headlands from English Harbour to Falmouth Harbour through cacti, aloe plants, humming birds, many goats and amidst spectacular views to a small beach where the beach bar did excellent fruit smoothies!  We also walked up to Shirley Heights for the weekly tourist bash, where loads of large Americans and sweaty Brits get bussed up, get drunk and get bussed back down.  We arrived early enough to appreciate the spectacular views over English and Falmouth Harbours and to enjoy the excellent steel band – they call them steel orchestras over here – before wandering back down again.

Further round the spectacular south coast we met up with “Jemima”, another boat with kids on, with whom we spent a good couple of days cruising before we moved on northwest towards Nevis.
Date(s): March 2006. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 34 of 34 Total. 3099 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Arriving Antigua

Enlarge photo 2

The boys and Amanda in the fort overlooking English Harbour

Enlarge photo 3

English Harbour from the fort

Enlarge photo 4

Rob, Tom and Dave

Enlarge photo 5

Clarabella - extreme left - in Ordnance Bay

Enlarge photo 6

A humming bird approaching an Aloe tree with a lizard on!

Enlarge photo 7

Antigua 14

Enlarge photo 8

Antigua 15

Enlarge photo 9

Antigua 16

Enlarge photo 10

Overlooking Nelson's Dockyard

Enlarge photo 11

The entrance to English harbour

Enlarge photo 12

Antigua 42

Enlarge photo 13

A tiny Optomist dinghy in front of Mirabella V, the largest single-masted yacht in the world

Enlarge photo 14

Mirabella dwarfs the rest of the superyachts in Falmouth

Enlarge photo 15

At Shirley Heights

Enlarge photo 16

English and Falmouth Harbours, from Shirley Heights.  Clarabella is on the left

Enlarge photo 17

Antigua 57

Enlarge photo 18

Antigua 60

Enlarge photo 19

Antigua 66

Enlarge photo 20

Antigua 67

Enlarge photo 21

Antigua 74

Enlarge photo 22

Clarabella off Nelson's Dockyard

Enlarge photo 23

Nelson's Dockyard

Enlarge photo 24

Antigua 81

Enlarge photo 25

Antigua 82

Enlarge photo 26

Antigua 83

Enlarge photo 27

Antigua 84

Enlarge photo 28

Capstans, restored in the 50's by my Daddy!

Enlarge photo 29

Another very nice Rebecca!

Enlarge photo 30

Antigua 89

Enlarge photo 31

Approaching Jolly harbour on the west coast.  Look at that sea!

Enlarge photo 32

At anchor at Five Islands on the west coast

Enlarge photo 33

An early morning farewell from our friends on Jemima

Enlarge photo 34

Antigua 94

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