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2015 Thanksgiving-Christmas
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Thanksgiving to Christmas

Opening gifts at Greg & Karen's

-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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This was at Thanksgiving - Evan is showing Avery his "Little Nickle" stuffed Labrador.  Sue,Parker, and I went to Bellevue Square back when Evan was younger than Avery is now, and got this for Evan at the "Build a Bear".  Parker recorded a message that plays when you squeeze the paw: "Evan, I love you, you're my baby brother!

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Also, the quilt on Evan's bed is a Tee shirt quilt that Sue made from all of Greg's old tee shirts from when he was a kid.

Enlarge photo 3
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Avery eating a cookie while sitting on "HER" chair.  Usually we have a stuffed moose on it, and when she comes in she will always pick up the moose and pitch it!

Enlarge photo 4
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No this is not a selfie - Avery is fascinated with anything that has buttons and works.  She is always picking up my camera when I'm not looking.  I showed her how to point it and push the button.  So now she is a photographer!

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Avery enjoying whipped cream and then pistachio pudding.

Enlarge photo 6
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We were babysitting her that day and trying to keep her entertained.  She didn't get upset when Andrew and Kelsey left, but she would occasionally go out to the gate and wave down the stairs.

Enlarge photo 7
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Learning how to use a spoon.

Enlarge photo 8
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Pudding and Cheerios!

Enlarge photo 9
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Christmas Eve - Kelsey opening the gifts.

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Opening gifts.

Enlarge photo 11
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Addie showing off her "Welsh Dragon" sweatshirt.  The dragon is from one of Andrew's old sweatshirts, which Sue appliqued onto a new one for Addie.  Addie is thrilled as her dad, King Bowen, is very proud of his Welsh heritage!

Enlarge photo 12
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Daddy reading a story.

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I got her this "Gears" set that you can move the gears from place to place and push a button to make them go.  Maybe I have my "Engineer" of the future.

Enlarge photo 14
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Playing with her gears.

Enlarge photo 15
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More fun!

Enlarge photo 16
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I don't think Addie appreciates Avery wanting to play with her Fairy Homes.

Enlarge photo 17
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More Fairy Home play.

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Fairy Homes and Vrooom! Vrooom!

Enlarge photo 19
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Christmas at Greg & Karen's:

Avery was in a dress and it was really cramping her style - it kept getting in her way when she wanted to run or climb up the stairs.

Enlarge photo 20
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Opening her gifts with Addie and Karen.

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Opening gifts

Enlarge photo 22
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Opening her bike from Greg & karen.

Enlarge photo 23
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A favorite - Playskool Clock.

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Christmas Mayhem!

Enlarge photo 25
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Addie with her Star Wars art set (I don't think she realizes that Avery is trying it out!)

Enlarge photo 26
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Big Smile!

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Parker & Evan opening their gifts.

Enlarge photo 28
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Enlarge photo 29
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Parker & Evan enjoying their new PS4 and playing Star Wars Battlefront!

Enlarge photo 30
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Another shot!

Enlarge photo 31
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split screen competition!

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