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After climbing up the talus slope you reach a 10' - 15'  ledge that you follow up.  Looking back you get this view of Sheep Lake and the images of He Devil and its reflection in Sheep Lake.
"Love the pictures you posted. This is all familiar ground. First trip in in 1959-60 (with horses and pack train) as a 6 y-o with uncles, cousins, dad and brother, and 40 years later with brother and my son (with horses and mules). The area was so indelibly etched in my mind that I recalled all the trail, the ledges at lakeside, and your pictures take me back again. Thanks for taking the time to share them. We caught and ate our fill of cutthroat in the upper lakes using spin-cast and lures, but had to use dry flies on the lower lakes. A marvelous place. The forrest Service had released a beautiful string of Palomino pack mules that we saw several times, and which followed us. Beautiful country." --jj, 06/02/16
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