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Planned Litters - 2016
Bur-Way is excited to announce our 2016 litter!  We've had a brief vacation from breeding/whelping pups and are excited to be back with what we consider a wonderful cross!  Pedigree is pending my getting my pedigree data base back up and working!  Should be soon!

Breeder reserves the right to take Pick of Litter puppy(male or female or both)...Deposits are collected after litters are on the ground...must be received by breeder no later than one week after pups are born...and non-refundable after breeder receives deposit.  Puppy picks are made after structural and temperament evalutions are made at approximately 8 weeks of age.  If you are interested in being on our waiting lists, please e-mail us at calishay@yahoo.com or call us  940 727-8410 .
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Enlarge photo 1
Here is a fuzzy Gordie at the puppy evaluation.  He was not enthusiastic about being held and made to stand still...so we just took photos of what we got.  

Gordie weighed in at 6.1 ounces at 8 weeks...He is full of life and is appropriately curious.  He is nicely submissive at this point to his elders...and enjoys chewing on rope toys and bones.  He will chase a ball but won't bring it back.  

Gordie will be  staying at Bur-Way.

Enlarge photo 2
Gordie has nice angles...he was wanting to get down and play...The evaluation period was already over...and then we went back for photos.  He appears to be nicely balanced.  With a very appropriate head.  

We'll be watching him grow up here at Bur-Way!

Enlarge photo 3

Enlarge photo 4
Here's Lil.  She is the smallest puppy in the litter, but has the most amazing temperament and personality.  She is appropriately curious, loves humans and is learning how to get along with bigger dogs.  She loves to be held...but when she's done...off she wants to go.  Lil is agile and loves to play with a chew toy and a tug toy...but not yet tugging too hard..but will follow on the ground.  Not yet retrieving a ball...but she will run after one.  

Lil weighed in at 8 weeks at 4.2 pounds.  

Lil is SOLD.

Enlarge photo 5
I didn't remember I had my ARTA shirt on.  Lil is marked a lot like the dog on front.   She is over all balanced with a nice head.  At this point, because her temperament is a tad bit more outgoing than her sisters...she is pick female of the litter.  Like her brother (as you'll see in the next photo), Lil did not want to be still for another session of standing on the coffee table while siblings were playing down below.  She was not an easy photo today.  :)  Thanks to Debbie Holmes for you help...it's like trying to catch a greased pig sometimes.  :)  

Lil is SOLD!

Enlarge photo 6
And here is Lil's rendition of a whirling dervish!  She had had enough...and was not all that cool with another pose!  

Lil is SOLD!  Good Luck to her new family!

Enlarge photo 7
And here's Henley...As big as her brother - 8 weeks and 6.1 pounds, she is not quite as confident when she has her littermates around her...although she's come out of it quite a bit over the last few days...she tends to be the one that holds back in new things...scoping out the reaction of the others and then deciding whether she should go in or not.  She is the thinker of our litter...

Henley is not available at this time.

Enlarge photo 8
Henley can stack...and I see some really nice angles on her.  She was a tad nervous on the table...but she did this work herself for a little peanut butter!  

Henley has nice turn of stifle and a nice prosternum...I think she'll have a bit of her sire's head...but all in all a nice girlie.  

Henley is not available at this time.

Enlarge photo 9
At least Henley let us see her right side.  Henley is fixing to jump down...she's had more than enough peanut butter...and the lid to the jar is being moved around by her siblings...

Henley is not available at this time.

Enlarge photo 10
And this is Elliott...weighed in at 8 weeks at 5.7 pounds.  Elliott is a nice middle of the road puppy...loves to sit in a lap...however at the same time...she is appropriately curious when confronted with new things.  She has a pretty head...

Elliott is not currently available.

Enlarge photo 11
Elliott has a beautiful transition from neck into shoulder.  Her angles are also nicely moderate.  Sweetest puppy award!

Elliott is not currently available.

Enlarge photo 12
Not really wanting to go this way...and the only photo of this side looks like I'm strangling her...but this is Elliott from the right.  

Elliott is not currently available.

Enlarge photo 13
8 weeks old and playing with their momma.

Enlarge photo 14
Rolling with mom...

Enlarge photo 15
Uh oh...here comes Momma!

Enlarge photo 16
Gordie showing off...

Enlarge photo 17
and another of Gordie...watching his mom be silly.

Enlarge photo 18
and this is the end of the outdoor photo shoot at 8 weeks... :) Gordie in front and Elliott bringing up the rear.

Enlarge photo 19
Gordie at 6 1/2 weeks.  He's showing off his tongue!  It's seriously hot lately...and the pups haven't been outside much...but they took it all in stride!  

at 6.5 weeks Gordie weighed in at 5.0 pounds!

Gordie is not available at this time.

Enlarge photo 20
Gordie finding something very nice to smell!

Gordie is not currently available.

Enlarge photo 21
Gordie and his sisters...they love playing right by the broom and mop...falls on their heads everytime...they don't let it bother them anymore.  

At this time, there are no pups available in this litter.

Enlarge photo 22
And here's our Lil - telling her momma she loves her!  Lil is a sweet girlie...with a little spice tossed in.  She cuddles and bounces around...but can be seen in the puppy pen chewing on a sleeping sibling!  

At 6.5 weeks old Lil weighed in at 4.0 pounds...

Lil is not currently available.

Enlarge photo 23
Lil finds the TV a little interesting...

Lil is not currently available.

Enlarge photo 24
Calling Lil...sometimes gets her attention...this was a moment that I got her to look my way...a little out of focus...but it's Lil!

Lil is currently not available.

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Beautiful fur patterns, especially Gordy & Lill
Linda K., Sat, 3 Jun 2017 10:08AM
Love your puppies
Marjorie Parcells, Sun, 16 Oct 2016 2:51PM
Oh man, those angles on the Gordie; loving him.
That elbow placement is to die for :)
Jennifer Sider, Thu, 4 Aug 2016 10:14AM