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Five and Dime Style Round Two
Presenting photos from Round Two of the Five and Dime Style Challenge, Brooch and Earring Design.   We hope you will enjoy the new ideas!   Five and Dime Style is inspired by the jewelry found in  small department stores and Five and Dime counters like Woolworth's, Grants, Kresges back in the 50's and 60's.  The ideas are carried forward and made current, using both vintage and new components, charms, stones, beads.   The style is not elaborate; it can be achieved by beginning to intermediate jewelry designers, and we hope in time to develop Five and Dime into a recognizable jewelry style, like Steampunk style is.   If you use these sort of components--- especially, American-Made brass stampings, charms and findings *such as* we carry at B'sue Boutiques--we'd love to hear from you!  http://www.bsueboutiques.com
Five and Dime Style, copyright 2011 Brenda Sue Lansdowne
Date(s): January 9, 2011. Album by Brenda Sue Lansdowne. 1 - 24 of 36 Total. 6467 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Meticulously painted in the vintage style, Terry Matusyk's flower power brooch is 21st century, but it makes you do a double-take.  Terry, you have a gift for painting subtle nuances on the raw brass.

Enlarge photo 2
This is an amazing composition with a striking 40's-50's novelty brooch feeling, presented by Moneca Ryanne.
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Enlarge photo 3
This is a perfect example of Five and Dime Style jewelry from Sharon Hedgepeth who says: "B'Sue Filigree Beadery Brox050700 and Victorian Collage, Mount base brox03840 and a few pearls she slipped in on one of my orders."

Enlarge photo 4
From Harry Wood, completely atypical for Harry, here is this delightfully feminine set that is just PERFECT for five and dime style....made with our ceramic flowers and Lumiere paint accents.   You will find it for sale (while it lasts!) at www.oscarcrow.etsy.com

Enlarge photo 5
Another 'score!' for Harry Wood.  This composition looks as if it traveled in time from its place on the jewelry counter in 1958.

Enlarge photo 6
Miss Chatelaine!   Double brooches w chain swags were hot in the fifties, especially in designer jewelry.   These two are similar but dissimilar collages of pearls, vintage watermelon margaritas, and a large pink Czech baroque glass stone set in manipulated filigree.   Kinda showy.   I think I JUST might start a whole series of these.  Whatcha think?   From B'sue.
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Enlarge photo 7
From Lisa Lenzner of the Vintage Heart, who has pushed herself artistically this round, since she is a charm bracelet diva!   She says: This is a vintage brass Kilt Pin with hand painted heart with Roses, Antique Skeleton Key, Crystal brass accents. The earrings are hand painted and I added vintage square glass beads to the antiqued dark kidney earrings. Key to your heart ♥

"I love this!!"
"i looove it!! i waaant it!..."
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Enlarge photo 8
A beautiful confection done with manipulated filigree and wired vintage flowers from Linzi Alford.

Enlarge photo 9
A first submission from Debbie Beechy, who has done a great job of making a pendant charm into a perfect Five and Dime brooch....with accompanying earrings!

Enlarge photo 10
Who would have guessed Harry Wood?  Well done!   And makes me think of spring....Harry comments: This piece uses the rgp flower disks and jeweled headpins, lumiere paint and some lucite flowers and pearl chain.
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Enlarge photo 11
Beautifully done by Kate of OrganicTeabyKate.com.  Kate really pushed her creative ticket with this lovely 50's style brooch coupled with 21st century style matching earrings.  Kate used Lumiere paints from http://www.bsueboutiques.com.  I love these paints for colorization as they contain mica, which is rich and reflective.

Enlarge photo 12
Pretty in pink, I always say....and this icey pale pink goes great with matte crystal and silver applied over brass with Gilder's Paste.   From B'sue Boutiques.

Enlarge photo 13
From Hilary Frye of FryeStyle, a combination of velvet flower and large Bohemian medallion make this a showy fashion piece that transcends time.  Check out Hilary's website at www.fryestyle.com

Enlarge photo 14
From Kate Mulligan, who says:  I colorized using a combination of gilders, accented with rhinestone chain and jeweled headpins. The metal pieces, large pearl cab and most everything else is from B'Sue. This set sold in December within one hour of having it on display. Kind of wish I had kept it now...oh well.   http://www.organicteabykate

Enlarge photo 15
A perfect example from Margo Horowitz.  This is what she says about her creation:  This pin/brooch is made with the B'sue Silverplate Fairy with Butterfly wings that has been embellished with Swaroski rhinestones, the B'sue 5 petal flowers, all sitting comfortably on a B'sue extra large Victorian Fancy heart pendant charm. The matching earrings are the matching silverplate dragonfly connectors dangling from the B'sue Trendy long kidney wires.

Enlarge photo 16
So fifties, so perfect for Five and Dime Style.   Another great submission from Kate Mulligan of http://www.OrganicTeabyKate.com   Kate says:  I used Gilders Paste to enhance the detail of the metal pieces, then sealed with diamond glaze. The rhinestones and settings were also from B'Sue.

Enlarge photo 17
A great mix of vintage and contemporary, from Andrea Dalen of the Netherlands.   This is sort of what I had in mind, where we might go....mix it up, use vintage parts, etc....but somehow make it 21st century.  Andrea does that with the earring drops.

Enlarge photo 18
Another fairy delight from Margo Horowitz, who says:  I love the B'sue "Fairy with Butterfly Wings" so much that I made another P&E set--Earrings are the B'sue fairies and petal bead caps. http://Beadlady5.etsy.com/
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Enlarge photo 19
From Sharon Hedgepeth:  These are actually vingage button covers with B'Sue Elegant Filigree Wrap Brox 07022

Enlarge photo 20
All of the elements of Five and Dime are present and accounted for with this imaginative brooch and earrings set by Moneca Ryanne.   Even a little propeller sneaked in!  WHY NOT!!

Enlarge photo 21
From Carol Stoneburner, who has a perfect marriage of brass ox filigree and leaves with rich deep juicy pink stones.   The dangling earrings make it 21st century Five and Dime Style!

Enlarge photo 22
From who else but Lisa Lenzner, Beanzie Cat!    Cat themed pieces always sell well....and this is PURRFECT Five and Dime Style Jewelry.

Enlarge photo 23
Challenge entry from B'sue!  I used a hand colorized flower power petal stamping on top of Old Rose Ox filigree to which I added the circular row of rolled Old Rose Ox cones.   I hand-set a baroque vintage pearl in a filigree bead cap, which I manipulated, and then filled the cones w preset vintage SWA pear stones.   Just a little dangle for effect...it's all at once vintage and new-vintage Five and Dime!

Enlarge photo 24
From Andrea Dalen.  Actually this brooch is convertable....you can take the medallion off and use a heart pendant instead.

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