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Timberlane Rat Terrier Males
We do not typically keep males at Timberlane Rat Terriers, but we search for quality, genetically tested stud dogs for breeding when seeking to produce a litter.
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1. Tattoo  (February 26, 2022)

Rat Terrier Male - AKC Registered
DOB:  February 26, 2022
Sire:   KK's Jasper Jeaux
Dam:  Timberlane Luna (both majors in AKC)

He has great bone and substance in a larger size, yet he's a tight package.  Nice balanced rear assembly. Good strong knees. Strong back with good topline and tail set. Strong in shoulder area.  He has developed lots of ticking as he matures. Big teeth with a great bite. A natural bobtail of good length.  Just a good solid dog.
Friendly and attentive, yet wary of strangers.   

Tattoo loves the woods. He has great prey drive with focus on squirrels. He will find them for you. Loves to chase and taunt birds when playing. All around great varmint dog.

With Tattoo being 17 1/2" at the shoulder and weighing 28 lbs, he is near the top of the Rat Terrier standard.
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2. Nobu  (June 14, 2021)
DOB:  November 30, 2018
"YC Decker's Oda Nobunaga at SETA"
Owned by Yolanda Cunningham and Laura Vaught.
Nobu, a Decker line dog, measuring about 18" exhibits great bone, handsome head, beautiful short slick coat.   
After Nobu won two majors at the Lake Charles AKC dog show, he came to our place and was bred to our girl Maggie.      We are expecting some larger, vividly marked puppies from this Decker line breeding in mid August 2021.

DNA tested via Embark:  
PLL - Clear,
PRA/prcd - Clear
DM - Clear
Congenital Hypothyroid - Clear
IVDD - Clear
Plus over 200 additional variants - Clear
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3. Beaux  (January 25, 2018)
Hudson Mill SPF Sweet Beaux
Born:  January 28, 2016

Rat Terrier
AKC & UKC Registered
Height:  19" 35-38 lbs.
Bred by:  Tommy Hutcherson of Hudson Mill

Beaux, a Decker line Rat Terrier, is big, bold, & robust.  He is a handsome boy with a beautiful head, great bone, substance, nice short coat, and wonderful temperament to match.  While Beaux is at the top or exceeds the Rat Terrier size standard with thick muscling, he is also tightly put together.  Elegant.  

A spirited dog with prey drive, as required in our breed.  

He is a proven producer of pretty pups with very nice strong head structure.  

OFA - Tight patellas.
OFA Hips - Fair and a good strong heart.  
PLL - Clear By Parentage
PRA/PRCD - Clear By Parentage

Healthy, sound, and a credit to his breed.  This dog deserves to be part of the Rat Terrier gene pool.
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4. Tazer   (September 26, 2016)
Grand Champion Timberlane Tazer
Rat Terrier - Male
Born June 11, 2016


Sire:  Stone Pony Farm T'Axel
Dam:   KnD's Start the Fire

AKC Registered
A quintessential traditional piebald Rat Terrier.  Tazer is a nicely balanced puppy with no extremes or exaggerations.  He exhibits good bone and substance.  He is people-focused and has an easy going temperament.  A pleasing pup. A Standard Rat Terrier.     

PLL Clear By Parentage
Breeder:  Janice Broussard - Timberlane Rat Terriers

Tazer is now co-owned by Beth Ann Amico and Stacy McWilliams, and he resides in Oklahoma.
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5. Lewis  (June 5, 2017)
Timberlane Lewis of Dry Creek
16" Standard Rat Terrier
Born:  January 2015

Sire:  Davis' Cujo of Dry Creek
Dam:   Dockery's Rosepine Gal
Breeder:  Grady Dockery  

Lewis is a locally bred hunting dog from Dry Creek, Louisiana.  This breed has been in our area for as long as I can remember.  Lewis looks much like my Grandpa's (Ab Bailey) old dog named "Cub" from the 1950's, all in the Dry Creek & Bundick Lake community.  It's possible that he may even carry some of Cub's genes.  

He exhibits grit and integrity; constantly on the hunt around our pond.  

Very fast and agile, Lewis is not a delicate dog which must be guarded and protected from nature...he serves his people. Lewis IS a working terrier.  This breed would not have survived in this community without this "hunt" gene.

He is a great snake-shaking and rabbit catching dog, and all around good varmint dog.  A true Southern country dog who loves his job.  Great temperament.  An easy keeper.  We love him.  

Because of his attributes, and because of great "dog people" behind him...(Dockery, Davis, Cooley, & Crumpler)  we hope to get him registered with the help of his previous owners (Sanders) and breeder (Dockery).
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Timberlane Willis
6. Timberlane Willis  (May 4, 2017)
Timberlane Willis
UKCI Mini Rat Terrier - Male
Born January 20, 2016

Sire:  Champion KND's Lone Ranger at Ramirez
Dam:  Timberlane Fire Bell

Willis is a small dog (12" & 12 lbs) and a blend of hunting and show dog lines.  He exhibits extreme prey drive, like his dam, with her identical personality and that added spark of his show champion sire.  He has a great temperament.  

Genetic testing will begin on him, as we hope to continue this line, which has proven to us to be The Real Rat Terrier.  

Breeder:  Janice Broussard
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