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Timberlane Rat Terrier Females
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1. Luna  (September 6, 2018)
Timberlane Luna NBT  
Rat Terrier Female
AKC & UKC and DHTR registered.
    71.42% Decker
Born:  September 6, 2018

Sire:  Hudson Mill's SPF Sweet Beaux
Dam:  Dixie's Lexi-Bell

Luna is our beautiful stud-fee pup.  Both her sire and dam are heavy Decker line dogs.  At the age of 2 1/2 years Luna is 17" and 25 pounds.  
During her first weekend of showing in AKC, she won both of her majors under judges Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine and Mr. Terry Stacy.

Luna is an active Squirrel Hunter/Varmint dog. A busy girl.  

Canine HealthCheck indicates:
PLL - Clear
PRA/PRCD - Clear
DM - Clear
as well as over 150 additional tests.  

OFA Certification:  
 Patellar Luxation: Normal
 Cardiac:  Normal
 Hips:  Fair
 Legg Calve Perthes:  Normal
 Elbow:  Normal

Breeders:  Charles & Renee Merriman of Louisiana.
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2. Bling  (January 2, 2023)
NRK Timberlane Bayou Bling
DOB:  July 19, 2022
Rat Terrier - Female
15 1/2" & 18 lbs at 5 1/2 months old.

Sire:  Briarbey's Major Payne - AKC & UKC
Dam:  Briarbey's Maya - UKC

Breeder:  Mark Sanders
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3. Brasseaux  (February 5, 2023)
NRK Timberlane Top Brass

DOB:  July 19, 2022
Black/Tan/White Rat Terrier

Sire:  Briarbey's Major Payne - AKC, UKC
Dam:  Briarbey's Maya - UKC
Breeder:  Mark Sanders - NRK
Current Height 16 1/2", 24 lbs.

We were blessed to acquire Brasseaux along with her litter sister recently.  We had been searching for this color to add to our line of dogs. Since arriving at Timberlane, she has been vetted, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and registered with UKC.  

Brasseaux is a gorgeous, strongly marked big Decker line pup.  
She shows lots of interest in the woods.  On the mark for becoming a great ratter.  She found her first rat nest this morning in the tall grasses...coming out with a big mouthful of nesting material. She is getting very interested in squirrels when working with our other dogs.  She is showing great promise to be a strong varmint dog, all the while focusing intently on her human leader.   

Brasseaux, with her strong pack personality, has been jockeying for a top position in the pack...letting them all know that she's all in.  Timberlane is looking forward to adding her sharp colors to our line of Rat Terriers.  Enjoy her photos.  
Brasseaux currently lives on a rice farm in Louisiana.  We will be reserving a pup from a breeding between Brasseaux and our Tattoo.
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4. Cassie  (April 5, 2021)
Champion Timberlane Casino @ COHills
A Major and Peg puppy.  
Owned by Amanda Hill, who took a gamble and is doing a wonderful job of titling her.   Cassie deserved her own page.  
DOB:  Dec 28, 2019
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5. Maggie  (May 29, 2016)
Hudson Mill Timberlane Maggie
Born:  January 28, 2016
Sire:  Hudson Mill Handsome Quey (Madge's Handsome Henry X RPKs Hidden Agenda)
Dam:  Hudson Mill Apple Pie (Red River's Luke X Bluegrass Derby)

AKC Registered
Decker Hunting Terrier Registered
UKC Champion

PLL Clear.
DM Clear.
OFA Hip Certification - Fair.  
Elbows Good.  
Canine HealthCheck Tested.

Maggie is 16" & 22 lbs.
She is full of energy, and is a very busy dog that is loaded with confidence.   

We are very grateful to her breeder, Tommy Hutcherson, of Hamilton, Georgia for allowing Maggie to come home with us to Louisiana.  She arrived in Louisiana at only 4 months old with a confident attitude and was all puppy.

She became a UKC Champion with points toward her Grand Championship under the guidance of Barbie Trammel. She went to live in North Carolina for a while, but is now back home in Louisiana and has not missed a beat. Still loaded with energy, agility, and bossiness.
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Timberlane Gypsy Bayou
6. Timberlane Gypsy Bayou   (September 4, 2016)
Timberlane Gypsy Bayou
Rat Terrier
DOB:  May 16, 2016

Sire:  SPF Toby Man
Dam:  SPF Itsy Bitsy Mitzi
Breeder:  Charles Roberts

A lovely traditional piebald female Rat Terrier. AKC and UKCI registered.  

Gypsy is a curious and confident puppy who fits in well with the pack.  She is delightfully entertained by the pond's edge and loves the woods--showing great curiosity.  We see good things for her, here at our place--in Sportsman's Paradise.  

16 lbs.  14 3/4".    
PLL Clear.
Cardiac Normal.
Patellar Luxation Normal.
Gypsy is now loved in Mississippi.
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7. Peach  (June 3, 2017)
Diamond B Peach at Timberlane
AKC & UKC Registered - Mini Rat Terrier - Female
A smooth red chocolate/tan/white.
DOB:  April 4, 2017

Sire:  Timberlane Great XXXXX of Fire (SPF T'Axel X KnD's Start the Fire)
Dam:  GG Warrior Belle (Ch KnD's Pretty Boy Floyd X RRZ's KC Star That's What I R)  

Breeder Randy & Beth Livingston
Co-owned by Janice Broussard (Timberlane) and Katharine Petry Krielow

After a lengthy search for just the right mini chocolate female and many breeder referrals and puppy photos,  Katharine found her long sought after puppy.  She knew immediately this was her puppy.  Coincidentally, this was also a Timberlane grand-puppy.  We had to pry Peach away from the breeder, but they agreed to our co-ownership.  
Thanks Randy & Beth.  She is loved.

Peach resides with the Krielow family in Jennings, Louisiana, where she is also known as "Boogie" for Boogie on the Bayou.
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8. Peg  (June 17, 2019)
Peg  -
Red River's Peg O My Life - Decker Hunting Terrier
AKC and UKC registered.   
DOB:  July 2, 2016

Sire:  Killen's Deacon of Bluegrass
Dam:  Red River's Isis

At 16" & 24 lbs, Peg has a quiet stoic personality.  Mannerly, still, and well-behaved in the house;  however, she tunes up in the woods.  Hunting is her happy place.  She is always searching the tree tops for squirrels.  

Peg hails from a very well-known sire in the Decker terrier community. (Killen's Deacon of Bluegrass). She was bred by David Wood of Red River Deckers. Peg has real worth in her impressive pedigree, which is what contributes to her keen nose, great sense of hearing, and an intensely focused eyesight.  We are very proud to have Peg.  

While Peg is hunting bred, we will condition her via lots of woods time and exercise, then we may put her in the UKC & AKC show be determined.

OFA Knees/Patellas - NORMAL
OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes - NORMAL
Plus CLEAR of 150 other DNA tested genetic diseases via Canine HealthCheck lab.

Peg now lives in a wonderful North Texas home.
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Timberlane Jolee
9. Timberlane Jolee  (December 9, 2016)
DOB:  May 16, 2016

Sire:  SPF Toby Man
Dam:  SPF Itsy Bitsy Mitzi
Breeder:  Charles Roberts

A lovely traditional piebald female Rat Terrier.  
UKCI registered and AKC applied for.
Jolee is a confident, semi-dominant girl who is stout and sturdy.  
A Mini Rat Terrier at 12" & 12 lbs.

PLL Status - CLEAR

Look for Jolee with her new owner Lois Deitrich in Colorado.
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Hotzi Totzi
10. Hotzi Totzi  (August 20, 2017)
Shyacres Hotzi Totzi @ Timberlane

Date of Birth:  November 21, 2015
PLL - Clear
PRA/PRCD - Clear
DM - Clear
Canine Health Check by Paw Print Genetics - Normal for DNA screening of 150 genetic diseases.
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KND's Start the Fire
11. KND's Start the Fire   (February 27, 2016)

Mini Rat Terrier - Female
Isabella Tan & White Tuxedo
Date of Birth:  April 19, 2014
AKC & UKC Registered

Sire:  CH KND's Technicolor Dreamcoat
Dam:  CH KND's War Bonnet
Breeder:  Ken Jones

PLL Clear By Parentage, as well as OFA tested Clear.  

Many thanks to Vera Boyle of Kansas for this little girl.
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GG Girlfriend
12. GG Girlfriend  (January 13, 2016)

Born Feb. 14, 2015
An AKC & UKC registered Mini chocolate & white Rat Terrier female.  
Juliette is a Kansas girl who stormed into Louisiana and is winning our hearts.  She is a rich dark chocolate color with a sweet and sassy personality. In the pack, she quickly drew her line in the sand to show that she is no pushover.  

Owned by Vera Boyle of Kansas, Juliette is visiting down south for a few Texas and Louisiana shows, winning her first UKC points at the UDOG Specialty show in Marshall, TX.  Look for her in the Baton Rouge and Alexandria, LA shows.
NEWSFLASH:  Juliette showed beautifully for me and won a 3-point major and a Best Puppy ribbon at her first weekend of showing in AKC.
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AKC Champion Felixville's Sauce Piquant
13. AKC Champion Felixville's Sauce Piquant   (March 9, 2015)
Rat Terrier - Female
AKC & UKC Registered
Born:  Dec. 08, 2014

Sire:  AKC GR CH Four Paws 3BF R Ticket to Ride
Dam:  UKC GR CH Poochville's Katie Too

"Piquant" a Louisiana hottie and our lovely show girl.  
And...SHOW...she did--finishing her Championship with THREE STRAIGHT 5-POINT MAJORS at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows 2015--at 7 months old--first weekend in the show ring.
You just can't do it any faster.
"Robust" is how I'd describe Piquant.  
A traditional Black & White Tri Piebald Rat Terrier.

Our greatest thanks to Theda Little for entrusting this girl to us.
Piquant has now returned home to Theda's house while she competes for her AKC Grand Champion title. We wish her great success.
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AKC & UKC CH Stone Pony Farm Texana
14. AKC & UKC CH Stone Pony Farm Texana  (July 20, 2014)
AKC, UKC, & UKCI Registered Rat Terrier
13" & 15 lbs.
Born January 26, 2013
Blue & White Tri
PLL Clear

Sire:  Krueger Farms Napoleon
Dam:  Meander SPF Fawn

Texana is Texas-born and Louisiana- raised...
Tex came to us from a hunting dog breeder, Stone Pony Farm, in East Texas.  My quest was to find a beautiful black/white tri bitch, but when I saw her, though she was blue, I had to have her.  Her sire is from old lines (Fire Mountain & Logan Lane) bred to a bitch of current show lines (Blairs Star Who's the Leader x Ramirez Aurora at Meander).  A nicely put together Rat Terrier.  I think Quarter Horse when I see her in the distance.

UKC Championed at United Dog Owners Group show in Haughton, LA, August 2 & 3, 2014.
Thanks to judges:  Rowdy Yates, Sonia Yearwood, Dan Crutchfield, and Rick Gann.

AKC Championed at the Alexandria Mardi Gras Cluster of dog shows on Jan. 30, 2016.  

Texana now lives in Colorado with Lois Dietrich.  

Click on her photo on the left to enter her photo album.
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Timberlane Fire Bell
15. Timberlane Fire Bell  (July 19, 2014)
UKCI Registered Rat Terrier
Born February 6, 2012
1st Generation of Timberlane Rat Terriers.
12” & 12 lbs.  
PLL Carrier, Low Risk
OFA Hips:  Good

Bell is a feisty, confident little dog with extreme prey drive--our top ratter. Though Bell does not practice her hunting and agility skills in the show ring, she lives them every day here at home.  She is constantly on the hunt…a snake-shaking, tree climbing squirrel dog, gun wise and gun excited. The leader of our trio of Ratties.  Her tail is always up. She is our smallest Rat Terrier, but she is the Alpha Dog.

We feel that Bell has a lot to offer the breed.  She exemplifies the real working rat terrier.  A superb little farm dog around our pond.  All in a beautiful, small, easy to live with, package that is soooo worth preserving.

Just a great little dog…For the way we live.

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Timberlane Darby
16. Timberlane Darby  (July 19, 2014)
A tribute to Darby
May you Rest in Peace, girl. You are missed.  
UKCI Registered Rat Terrier
Born August 23, 2013
Died July 25, 2015  
14" 18 lbs.
PLL Low Risk Carrier

Sire:  Midkiff's Bob Too
Dam:  Timberlane Fire Bell

Darby is Timberlane Rat Terriers' second generation breeding.  From the start, she had that certain air about her.  She was the Boss in her litter from the get go.    

Darby was a slower maturing bitch and will be forever young. She became more photogenic as she matured.  Beautiful profile.  Open underneath in stance.  She had super agility and prey drive.  As with all of our dogs, she was not gun shy, but gun excited.  She challenged her mom for the alpha position.  
Darby was a great dog...for the way we live.  She now rests in the back pasture, under the sweet bay.  

Click on the photo at the left to enter her album.  Enjoy.
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