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Enlarge photo 1
Reja gold-washed sterling heart pierced with an arrow.

Enlarge photo 2
Flying Colors ceramic heart necklace.

Enlarge photo 3
CIS glass heart pin.

Enlarge photo 4
Charm bracelet with Victorian and 1940s enameled hearts.

Enlarge photo 5
CIS heart pendant and earrings.

Enlarge photo 6
CIS necklace -- the top row are Swarovski hearts.

Enlarge photo 7
Early Minnie mouse heart charm.  Note her long nose!

Enlarge photo 8
Love token heart charm with a cut-out dime.

Enlarge photo 9
Victorian sterling and enameled heart charm.

Enlarge photo 10
French poured glass and paste heart brooch set in sterling.

Enlarge photo 11
Lover's eye miniature pendant
C. 1790

Expressive brown female eye miniature, watercolor on ivory, set in a modified heart motif surrounded by garnets.

Enlarge photo 12
Stuart Crystal Portrait Pendant
circa 1690s

Stuart crystals were first popularized in 1649, when Charles I, the martyred King of England, was executed under Cromwellian rule. Royalists wishing to show their sympathy for the fallen monarch would wear small slides set with the King's portrait underneath a faceted crystal, or a swatch of hair with the King's initials beneath worked in fine gold wire.

These earliest of "memento mori" jewels created a fashion among the aristocracy for memorial crystals of their own. These crystals were usually fashioned as slides to be strung through a ribbon, but were also made as pendants and earrings. Most Stuart crystals which survive today are of the slide variety.

This 300+ year old heart shaped Stuart Crystal Portrait Pendant has everything.  

The front of the gold heart shaped pendant is topped by a rose diamond bow, which is set in silver, and covered by a multi-faceted rock crystal that reflects light b...

Enlarge photo 13
The back of the heart is convex and engraved "Mon Coeur Toujours Fidelle"- roughly translated - "My Heart Always Faithful".

Enlarge photo 14
The best part is when you lift the heart shaped back and see the hand painted portrait miniature under convex crystal.  It appears to be a young man, 25 to 30, wearing a wig and dressed in finery.

Enlarge photo 15
circa 1870-1880

PavĂ©-set small Persian turquoise cabochons were used extensively both in the 1840s and then, in the 1870s.  

Superb turquoise necklace with motifs of hearts, flowers with pearl centers and birds (with ruby eyes), originally gilt over silver.  Marked 800D.

Enlarge photo 16
Serpent Necklace
Circa 1840

15K gold with scale-like links and semi-precious stones set on the head and the heart-shaped charm.

Enlarge photo 17
Hand painted miniature on ivory pendant brooch with 14 cushion-cut diamonds, 15 K gold, c 1890.  (Streaks on bottom are glare from scanner.)

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