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Date(s): November 22, 2005. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 69 of 69 Total. 19229 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
The Golliwogg family by Vigny.  The largest bottle (2nd from left) is 7 inches tall and the tiny guy with the Rastafarian hair-do is 2".  The head in front is probably a stopper.

Enlarge photo 2
Mandalian painted tile mesh purse in gold and several shades of blue.  Gorgeous frame with glass cabs and enamel.

Enlarge photo 3

Enlarge photo 4
Whiting and Davis black and white painted tile mesh purse with attached compact.  Compact has a gentleman bowing over his lady's hand, and opens to provide access to the purse.  Handle is cord rather than chain.  

This purse is shown on page 382 of The Great American Jewelry Catalog, 1926, The Oscamp Nolting Co. Cincinnati, Ohio (the Jewelry City).

Catalog description: Fish scale mesh purse. White and black enameled. Silver plated double compact case top. Butler finish black enamel inlaid figures. Top contains two powder puffs, mirror and bobbed hair comb. Length of purse is 5 1/2 inches. Size of top is 3x2 inches.
No. 56689 $15.00

Enlarge photo 5
Mandalian painted tile mesh purse.

Enlarge photo 6
Mandalian painted tile mesh purse with enameled flowers on the frame.

Enlarge photo 7
Mandalian painted tile mesh purse.

Enlarge photo 8
Whiting and Davis painted tile mesh purse with enameled flowers.

Enlarge photo 9
Whiting and Davis Dresden mesh purse in yellow with pink roses.

Enlarge photo 10
Whiting and Davis Dresden mesh purse with an enameled Deco purse frame.

Enlarge photo 11
Whiting and Davis Dresden mesh purse with channel-set green rhinestones in the frame and an enameled clasp.  The purse is slightly lighter in color, but I couldn't capture it.

Enlarge photo 12
Whiting and Davis mesh purse with enameled frame.

Enlarge photo 13
Child's Dresden mesh purse marked Germany.

Enlarge photo 14
Whiting & Davis Dresden style fine mesh purse.

Enlarge photo 15
Whiting and Davis Dresden mesh purse.  This one is lined.

Enlarge photo 16
Whiting and Davis Dresden mesh purse in tones of gray and black, with black enameled frame and handle.  Lined and with original mirror.

Enlarge photo 17
Whiting and Davis black and gold metal link purse.

Enlarge photo 18
Whiting and Davis white tile purse with bakelite handle and frame.

Enlarge photo 19
Whiting and Davis for Schiaparelli gold metal mesh purse.

Enlarge photo 20
"Silesian wirework" purse circa 1820s.

Enlarge photo 21
Detail of wirework purse from center.

Enlarge photo 22
Metal baubles that hang from the side of the purse, as well as detail of the chain handle and side.

Enlarge photo 23
Another of the metal bauble.

Enlarge photo 24
"Silesian" wirework coin purse.  Measures 3 1/2" by 2/14" with a 7" chain.  In incredible condition with one metal bead missing from the center of a flower.

Marked with a stamped, overlapping double V forming a W and the word Revete on the frame.  Interior, rose-colored silk lining has come loose and it is backed with paper on which there are printed French words.  I cannot read any of it and the paper is mostly glued back-to-back.

Sent to Christie Romero who studied it and her comments are:
The "breveté" mark and the newsprint certainly suggest that it's French. But the mark under the "breveté" looks like part of a German mark for WMF, est. 1880 as mfrs of "silver, plate and other metalwork" (from Haslam's Marks & Monograms, the Decorative Arts, 1880-1960). One of their marks is W (configured like the W on your purse - looking like two overlapping Vs) above MF - which there isn't room for below the W on your purse. As we know, the Germa...

Enlarge photo 25
Front of purse closeup showing braided mesh and decoration.  The flat metal "flower" is often used with these purses.

Enlarge photo 26
Back of "Silesian" wirework coin purse showing wire mesh in a diamond pattern.

Enlarge photo 27
Another "Silesian" wirework coin purse showing very similar manufacture though with no frame markings.  

Purse shape is different but made with the same riveted construction. Chain purse handle is the same.  This one's interior is intact and still attached, again with several compartments.  No lining.  

Front decoration is missing some leaves on the left, but the purse is in very good condition otherwise with only a tiny bit of rust on the back.

Enlarge photo 28
Back of the purse.

Enlarge photo 29
Sterling mesh purse with rhinestones.  Initials MAR.

Enlarge photo 30
Finely beaded pouch or purse?  No handle or drawstring.

Enlarge photo 31
Fabulous large seed bead purse with elaborate frame.  No markings.

Enlarge photo 32
Calvaire tapestry purse, marked Made in France especially for Calvaire New York.

Enlarge photo 33
Purse of tiny seed beads in yellow, pink and blue patterns with pink and yellow bead fringe. Enameled frame.

Enlarge photo 34
Deco purse of gold and silver cut steel beads with bi-color twisted chain fringe. French.

Enlarge photo 35
Small Deco-style purse of cut steel beads and seed beads.

Enlarge photo 36
Arita seahorse buttons.

Enlarge photo 37
Schiaparelli "eyelash" hat

Surrealist hat of black wool with curled black feathers on the edge resembling eyelashes. Label: Schiaparelli Paris.  Created by Schiparelli licensee.

Enlarge photo 38
Back of Schaiparelli hat.

Enlarge photo 39
Side view of Schiaparelli hat.  There is a small black velvet bow below the feathers.

Enlarge photo 40
Another side view.

Enlarge photo 41
Fred Bare Opulent Rose Hat


Of black straw densely covered overall with four inch wine red millinery roses forming a dome, iridescent silk bow at front, labeled: Fred Bare Head Wear and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 42
Schiaparelli floral hat with original hat box.  From dearest Bobye.

Enlarge photo 43
Pumpkin and black rafia hat by Schiaparelli. Created by Schiparelli licensee.

Enlarge photo 44
Side view of Schiaparelli hat.

Enlarge photo 45
Schiap signature inside hat.

Enlarge photo 46
Ansonia green lizard pumps and matching box bag.  From the 1950s.

Enlarge photo 47
Ansonia silver kid and glitter samdals with matching boxy clutch.  From the 1950s.

Enlarge photo 48
Beaded bag and platform shoe set
c. 1940s

Blue carnival glass clutch label "Walborg, Belgium" w/ original tags, 4" x 11"; matching beaded navy blue suede platform & ankle-strap shoes, size 7, excellent.

Enlarge photo 49
Beaded bag and platform shoes.

Enlarge photo 50
Schreiner made belts for the fashion industry during the 1960s.  According to Harrice's interview with Terry Schreiner, "Terry noted that if she were to make the same belts today, they'd have to cost two to three thousand dollars because the stones have gotten so expensive." p 63.

I couldn't get the entire belt on my scanner, so you see the back side on the left and the front on the right.  Gorgeous jewel-tone and pearl pear-shaped drops and jewel-tone cabs set in silver-tone metal.  Unsigned.

Enlarge photo 51
Rebajes copper tragedy and comedy belt.

Enlarge photo 52
Gilt metal belt by Miriam Haskell.

Enlarge photo 53
Haskell dimensional, stunning, but quite uncomfortable choker which can also be worn as a hair ornament, c. first half of the 1950s.  Gilt metal flowers and half flowers, leaves, green glass beads, and roses montees on swirling metal pieces.  See Cera pg. 111 for another example.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 54
Front of choker and view of interior and hook.  All elements are wired directly onto the metal form.

Enlarge photo 55
Haskell pearl and gilt metal headpiece or tiara.  Based on the use of Niki pearls this is late 1950s to early 1960s. Signed Haskell with an oval plaque.

Enlarge photo 56
Headpiece showing beautiful leaves and flowers covered in a tapestry of baroque pearls.

Enlarge photo 57
Aigrette headpiece with a diamond starburst in 14K, circa 1915.  It is folded flat in this picture.  The bottom of the tube holding the starburst allows the gold band to rotate.  Came in its original box.  Very rare.

Enlarge photo 58
Headpiece unfolded.  Aigrette feathers are a deep mahogany color, possibly dyed as egrets are white.  

FYI, the fashionable ladies almost caused the egret to go extinct.  Aigrette plumes only occur during mating season and huge numbers of egrets were killed for their feathers.  ;-(

Enlarge photo 59
Close-up of the starburst.  Note the 3 diamonds on gold wires above the centerpiece.  The starburst is also a pin and can be removed to wear separately.

Enlarge photo 60
Victorian hairwork watch fob.  Hair is in perfect condition. Some enamel missing on the metalwork on the right.  Initial on the fob is an "M".

Enlarge photo 61
Georgian (c. 1820s) slide watch chain with swivel hand.

Enlarge photo 62
Sterling card case with enameled border.  Initals GAW on front.

Enlarge photo 63
Sweetheart compact.

Enlarge photo 64
Lipstick has never been touched -- still has the paper over it.

Enlarge photo 65
From Roger, who always finds the coolest stuff!

Vintage jewelry cleaning kit.  It says in the lid:  Directions: Moisten the brush, rub it in the soap till saturated with a thick lather and apply to Jewelry, rinse in clean water and lay the article in the box-wood sawdust a few moments until dry.  Then remove the particles of sawdust with a dry brush and polish with the chamois.

Bailey Banks & Biddle Co. Philadelphia

Underneath the tray is sawdust.  The chamois is missing.

Enlarge photo 66
Carved wood box for gloves.

Enlarge photo 67
What the well-dressed woman needs -- the ultimate plastic accessory....

Enlarge photo 68

Enlarge photo 69

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