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Tom-Tom was rescued as one of 20 dogs from a single hoarding household in north Georgia. Despite that background, he is surprisingly well adjusted, friendly with other dogs and super affectionate with people. Stay tuned as we get to know him better. For questions about Tom-Tom, EMAIL ME. To inquire about adoption, please go to the New Rattitude website.
Date(s): 9/10/22. Album by Terry. Photos by Terry. 1 - 26 of 26 Total. 585 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This sweet boy is Tom-Tom.

Enlarge photo 2
He is around 6 years old.

Enlarge photo 3
Tom-Tom weighs just under 15 lbs.

Enlarge photo 4
He is a very friendly, affectionate fellow who dotes on his people, following you around and wanting to be near you as much as he can. He will jump into your lap at any opportunity, and seems to enjoy being picked up, carried around, and even hugged!

Enlarge photo 5
The first day in his new foster home, he and his brother Fiddle were a little unsure of everything, but that didn't stop them from seeking attention from new foster parents.

Enlarge photo 6
Fiddle and Tom-Tom compete a bit for attention, occasionally getting grouchy with each other, but for the most part they are congenial companions, almost always hanging out together and often play wrestling.

Enlarge photo 7
He is never happier than when he is in a lap

Enlarge photo 8
Although he is a little suspicious of the camera, he but isn't concerned about normal household noises like washing machine, ice falling in the ice maker, alarms, etc. He doesn't even make a peep when the doorbell rings!

Enlarge photo 9
Tom-Tom is cautiously interested in treats. He'll willingly and quickly take something familiar, but may turn up his nose at something he is not accustomed to. He even at first rejected dog kibble, chicken jerkey, and bully sticks!

Enlarge photo 10
I kept trying to get away from him so that I could take his picture from his level...

Enlarge photo 11
...but he just kept coming in too close for good shots, and no matter how much I tried to back away, he just kept coming...

Enlarge photo 12
...determined to stay right near me!

Enlarge MPEG4 13
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I thought that eventually Tom-Tom would get tired of following right at my heels, so I kept walking around the yard, around trees, back and forth, doubling back and sprinting forward. It made no difference... he would stay right with me! After I'd been meandering all around the back yard for at least 5 minutes, with Tom-Tom never more than 2 feet away, Gary noticed what was going on and came outside to capture it. Click for a short video.

Enlarge photo 14
The moment I squat down, there he is, wanting to cuddle.

Enlarge photo 15
And honestly he is not too picky about whose lap he is on. This is Tom-Tom within a couple minutes of meeting our friend for the first time. The novelty of being on a pizza restaurant patio surrounded by strangers didn't seem to faze him.

Enlarge photo 16
If you've got a lap, you're going to be his friend!

Enlarge photo 17
He is such a friendly guy!

Enlarge photo 18
When the neighbor dogs bark, Tom-Tom is alert and interested but usually does not bark back. In the house he will sometimes bark at something, but generally is quite quiet.

Enlarge photo 19
Tom-Tom is working on housetraining, a new skill for him. Things are going very well in this department and he will "do his business" very promptly whenever he is taken outside.

Enlarge photo 20
Leash-walking was another thing that was brand new for Tom-Tom. But since he always wants to be right with us, this has been a pretty easy thing for him to adapt to. He is getting the hang of following right along with us, and keeps a pretty loose leash, but he does tend to get a big tangled up sometimes.

Enlarge photo 21
"But I'm learning!"

Enlarge photo 22
We are really proud of how easily he has adapted to so many new things in such a short amount of time.

Enlarge photo 23
If Fiddle has the primo lap spot, Tom-Tom willing to just take what he can get.

Enlarge photo 24
With his past in a large dog household, he would undoubtedly be most comfortable in a home with at least one other canine sibling. He has gotten along very well with all the other dogs he has met since we have known him, although when two much larger dogs he met on a walk ganged up and barked at him rudely, he reacted by barking back as forcefully as he dared. He was polite with two other equally large dogs who did not try to talk smack to him.

Enlarge photo 25
Tom-Tom is usually quite low-key, relaxed, and quiet.

Enlarge photo 26
He is ready for a new home where there are people around most of the time so that he doesn't have to spend much time alone.

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