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yugo sks
Poluatomaska Puska (PAP) M59 SKS Carbine
(Mfg in 1966 by Zavod Crevena Zastava in the former Yugoslavia)

Caliber: ........................ 7.62x39
Rifling & Twist: .............. 4 groove, right hand, 1:10 twist
Barrel Length: .............. 20.375 in
Overall Length: ............. 1021mm (40.2 in)
Weight: ........................ 3.85 Kg (8 lbs, 8 oz)
Magazine Capacity: ....... 10 rounds
Qty Mfg: ...................... 52,169 produced between 1961 and 1967

Source: .... The SKS Carbine by S. Kehaya an J. Poyer, ISBN 1-882391-14-4, Serbian and Yugoslav Mausers by B. Bogdanovic, ISBN 1-882391-35-7

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Enlarge photo 1
Rifle, right side view.

Enlarge photo 2
Rifle, left side view.

Enlarge photo 3
Serial number stamped into buttstock.

Enlarge photo 4
Buttstock with trap door for cleaning kit.

Enlarge photo 5
Receiver.  Note the receiver and bolt carrier are serial numbered alike.

Enlarge photo 6
Handguard with vents.  Note the part number stamped into the handguard.  This practise was discontinued in late M59/66 SKS production.

Enlarge photo 7

Enlarge photo 8
Note that early mag bodies on Yugo SKS production were stamped with a part number.

Enlarge photo 9
Serial number neatly stencilled on the trigger group.

Enlarge photo 10
Manufacturing inspection stamp in front of the rear sling swivel.

Enlarge photo 11
milled lightening cut at the rear of the trigger group.

Enlarge photo 12
Bayonet catch assembly.

Enlarge photo 13
Note the bolt carrier has its part number engraved in the lightening cut.

Enlarge photo 14
Rear sight base is manufactured identically to late Soviet production.

Enlarge photo 15
Note the dish cut for the safety.

Enlarge photo 16
Part number engraved on the back of the receiver dust cover.

Enlarge photo 17
Action with bolt open.

Enlarge photo 18
Bayonet extended.

Enlarge photo 19
Front sight assembly.

Enlarge photo 20
This rifle is privately owned in Canada where mags need to be limited to 5 rounds by law.  The most tasteful conversions are done by welding a small rod to the follower arm as it is not visible when the rifle is assembled.

Enlarge photo 21
Note the part number on the takedown lever.

Enlarge photo 22
Receiver parts after field stripping.

Enlarge photo 23
Note bolt and bolt carrier are serial numbered matching.

Enlarge photo 24
Cleaning kit.

Enlarge photo 25
Cleaning kit contents.

Enlarge photo 26
Base of gas piton is part numbered and has a yugo inspection inscription.

Enlarge photo 27
Gas system field stripped.

Enlarge photo 28
Rear sight assembly.

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i have one of these rifles, looks new and never fired or issued. it is still full of cosmoline on the inside (not the outside) it is a "C" prefix and i have had it for a very long time. just learning about it , very interesting weapon. it's the nicest and cleanest one i have ever seen.
James M. LaFoe, Tue, 19 Sep 2017 9:35AM
Just found this site--good job on the photos.  I served a tour in Bosnia as a weapons storage site inspector, and it's really great to see these old weapons still generate interest.  Since I redeployed, I collect them, currently have a M59/66, M48A, M24/47, AK built on M70AB2 parts kit, and M57, M88, M70 pistols. Also have an M59 SUB-gun parts kit, that I would love to figure out how to build a non-gun replica of.  Thanks for the informative site.
Shirley DeGroot, Sun, 10 Nov 2013 7:05AM
Excellent illustrations. Now I'll check out Swiss!
Wolfert, Fri, 20 May 2011 7:31AM
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