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T99 Series 35 Short Rifle
T99 Series 35 Short Rifle
(Mfg by Toyo Kogyo Arsenal in Hiroshima Prefectur)

Caliber....................... 7.7 x 58mm
Rifling........................ 4 Groove Right Hand "Metford"
Barrel Length............. 25.5 in. (571mm)
Overall Length............ 44 in. (1118mm)
Weight...................... 8 lb. (3.63Kg)
Magazine capacity....... 5 Rounds
Qty Mfg: ..................  56,658 ( higest serial number observed at this time)

Source: Banzai Publication by Stan Zielinski

The T99 Series35 Short Rifle was made at Toyo Kogyo Arsenal in Hiroshima Prefectur. Most of what I will relate here came from Banzai Publication, Stan Zielinski, author. According to the best "gestimates" the manufacture of the 35th series started in March of 1945 and ended August 6, at about 7 AM 1945 with the dropping of the Atomic Bomb. About 1200 rifles were made in the month of August till the bomb. The highest serial number know is 56658 for this rifle. Assuming 1200 made in first five days of August, that made a little over 200 rifles made per day. The rifle pictured here is serial number 56528, clearly in the last days output. Stan has serial number 56524, just 4 numbers from mine. Its interesting that his and mine have the full untouched mum. This rifle is all matching with untouched mum, bore is like new and there are no nicks, scrapes of dents in the wood. The dark spots in the finish is results of the grain in the wood not being sanded down. Blue is thin but I suspect that is the way it left the factory. The "99 type" was omitted from the top of the receiver, just the mum alone.

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Enlarge photo 1
Japanese Substitute Standard Series 35 Rifle, erroneously called last ditch. Butt stock is two peices of wood dovetailed together for savings in wood and to make the stock stronger. Rear sling swivel is one screw.

Enlarge photo 2
Bolt handle plumb shaped. Large round nuts on recoil bolt.

Enlarge photo 3
Fixed peep rear sight, graduated for 300 meters. Safety knob is welded rough.

Enlarge photo 4
Stock is two peice with trapped handguard. Top handguard short type. Middle band is solid type. Front band is rivited. Front sight is inverted V without guards.

Enlarge photo 5
Series mark to the left of serial number. Kokura arsenal stamp to the right of serial number, sub contractor Toyo Kogyo stamp to right of arsenal stamp and inspector stamp to right of that. Receiver is grooved for dust cover that was never installed.

Enlarge photo 6
Trigger guard and floor plate all made from stampings. Floor plate is hinged with release inside front trigger guard. All screws were staked from the factory, this rifle has been removed from the stock at some point in time.

Enlarge photo 7
Receiver is stamped with the mum only and was not marked with Type 99. Machining and stock finish is rather rough with only critical points finished to close tolerances.

Enlarge photo 8
Wooden butt plate has the usual 3 nails and is normal thickness.

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