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Sten Machine Carbine Mk II
Sten Machine Carbine Mk II
(Mfg by Royal Ordnance Factory, Fazakerley in 1942)

Caliber: ....................... 9mm Parabellum
Rifling & Twist: ............. 2 or 6 Groove,Right Hand, 1:10"
Barrel Length: .............. 7.75 in.
Overall Length: ............ 2 ft, 6 in.
Weight: ....................... 6 lbs, 10 oz
Magazine Capacity: ...... 32 rounds
Qty Mfg: ...................... 1,950,000 at Fazakerley, 2,466,383 total between August 1941 and March 1945.

Source: .... The Sten Machine Carbine by Peter Laidler (2000) - ISBN: 0-88935-259-3

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Enlarge photo 1
British Sten MkII, right side view.

Enlarge photo 2
Sten MkII, magazine well rotated into the storage position.

Enlarge photo 3
Sten MkII, left side view, Magazine well rotated into storage position.

Enlarge photo 4
Issue magazine loader. S193 is the manufacturer's code.

Enlarge photo 5
Issue magazine loader.

Enlarge photo 6
Model markings on magazine well, Sten MkII.

Enlarge photo 7
Mag well markings indicate S/N of FB34346 (Fazakerley manufacture), later re-numbered to L1829.  The MP marking is of unknown origin.

Enlarge photo 8
Receiver area, right side view. Note the screwed-on trigger housing cover indicating pre-April 1942 manufacture (there is no detent hole beneath the cover to indicate a conversion).

Enlarge photo 9
Receiver area, right side view.  Note the Auto/Semi selector button.

Enlarge photo 10
Note the barrel nut arrangement and the simple manner the issue sling is looped through a ventilation hole.

Enlarge photo 11
Note the M604 manufacturer's code on the barrel nut denoting manufacture by Clarendon Engineering.

Enlarge photo 12
Barrel with the secondary serial number stamped in.  Note the serial number was oriented up when installing the barrel to retain the zero.

Enlarge photo 13
Note the M44 marking for the manufacturer of the T-stock. (JB Brooks & Co.)

Enlarge photo 14
Note the "X" on the recoil spring cap, denoting the Sten was upgraded in service to the MkV cocking handle with safety feature.

Enlarge photo 15
Note the MkV cocking handle, retrofitted after April 14, 1944.

Enlarge photo 16
Ejection port showing the Sten bolt and extractor.

Enlarge photo 17
Magazine well.

Enlarge photo 18
LD Ltd sling made in 1944.

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Thank you for making all this available and keeping the history alive. The Sten is a superb piece of kit, much maligned, but essentially the definition of form following function. I am fortunate to own an original and fully functioning MKII, and it is a joy to operate. Keep up the fine work gentlemen.
Mike Hoare, Wed, 6 Jan 2016 10:00PM
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