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Ross HG (Home Guard) MKIII Rifle
Ross HG (Home Guard) MKIII Rifle
"County of York 51st Rifle"

Caliber ........................ .303 in., Mk VII Ammo
Rifling & Twist: ............. 4 Groove, Enfield, Left Hand Twist
Barrel Length: .............. 30.5 in. (775mm)
Overall Length: ............. 50.5 in. (1283mm)
Overall Length: ............. 60.5 in. (1537mm) with bayonet attached
Weight: ....................... 8.6 ilbs. (3.9kg)
Magazine Capacity: ........ 5 rounds, loaded with chargers
Note: .......................... Mfg primarily 1914-1917, some assembled parts into 1918

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Enlarge photo 1
Full length view of the rifle.

Enlarge photo 2
Buttstock, note the home guard markings and the lack of the Quebec Roundel found on Canadian Forces issued rifles.

Enlarge photo 3
Note the H.G. marking for "Home Guard".  CY51 stands for "County of York 51st rifle".

Enlarge photo 4
Note the location of the safety and he typical MkIII rear micrometer sight.

Enlarge photo 5
Note the high quality finish and bluing.  Also note the Dominion of Canada crossed-flag firing proof mark.

Enlarge photo 6
View of the action.  Notice the very fine condition of this rifle.  Much of the packing grease from the factory is still present, indicating the high likelihood this rifle was never issued out of stores.

Enlarge photo 7
Note the handguard and swivel band.

Enlarge photo 8

Enlarge photo 9
Note the nosecap arrangement and front sight hood.

Enlarge photo 10
Note hte home guard applied ownership marking and serial number on the barrel - "HG 12560"

Enlarge photo 11
Reverse side of the front band and sight hood.

Enlarge photo 12
Note the swivel band and handguard arrangement.  Also note 4 rivet arrangement of the handguard.

Enlarge photo 13
Another view of the handguard.

Enlarge photo 14
View of the action.  Note the beautiful color case hardening on the bolt and bolt stop.

Enlarge photo 15
Closeup of the color case hardening on the bolt body.

Enlarge photo 16
Closeup of rear micrometer sight arrangement.

Enlarge photo 17
View of magazine and follower arrangement.

Enlarge photo 18
Trigger guard removed.

Enlarge photo 19
Another view of the removed trigger guard.

Enlarge photo 20
Trigger slot in the trigger guard.

Enlarge photo 21
trigger guard swivel attachment.

Enlarge photo 22
Bolt, removed.

Enlarge photo 23
Bolt, removed.

Enlarge photo 24
Bolt, underside.

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THANK YOU!!! I have a near mint mk111 m1910 marked "cy59" . For years I thought this was cheshire yeomanry.  You have cleared up a long time mystery  for me !!! Tuber
kevin colliss, Wed, 20 Apr 2016 10:48PM
Good photos. I have HG # 12442; right butt marked "CY91" over "H.G.". Fine shooter. Regret to report this piece was professionaly shortened as a sporter. Also have an all original Mk III marked on left side of barrel "HG # 12314". Left side of butt marked "NIAGARA FALLS" over "11". Right side of butt marked "H.G.". Also a fine shooter; condition equal or better than your County of York example. Regards: DSS
Douglas SWEIGER, Mon, 26 Oct 2009 9:17AM
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