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Post-War Czech K98k (Karabiner 98) Rifle
Post-War Czech K98k (Karabiner 98) Rifle
(Mfg 1945-1950 by Ceskoslovensk√° Zbrojovka, A.S., BRNO)

Caliber: ................................. 7.92 x 57mm (8mm Mauser)
Rifling & Twist: ....................... 4 Groove, Right Hand
Barrel Length: ........................ 23.62 in. (600mm)
Overall Length: ...................... 43.7 in. (1110mm)
Weight: ................................. 8.38 lb. (3.8 kg without sling, ammo or bayonet)
Magazine Capacity: ................. 5 rounds
Total K98k Qty Mfg ................. unknown quantity (Estimated 1945 - 1950)

Source: .......................

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Enlarge photo 1
Full length view of the Czech K98k along with issue bayonet, cleaning kit and chargers of ammunition.

Enlarge photo 2
Reverse side, full length view.

Enlarge photo 3
Receiver markings including czech firing proofs, serial number and the BRNO rollmark.

Enlarge photo 4
Bolt body, note the matching serial number.

Enlarge photo 5
Note that the cocking piece is electro-pencilled matching.  It was likely replaced at the time the receiver was scrubbed and the rifle reblued.

Enlarge photo 6
"2/7" marking on the buttstock.  It is likely a rack number or unit marking.  Note the kriegsmodel-style bolt takedown hole.

Enlarge photo 7
Cupped buttplate serialized to the rifle.  Also note the faint "2/7" stamping which has been mostly scrubbed.  It was likely removed at refurb.

Enlarge photo 8
Note the cocking piece and bolt shroud.  No WW2 markings are evident.

Enlarge photo 9
Note the German K98k style sling arrangement.  The sling is original Czech manufacture from the late 1940's.

Enlarge photo 10
Note the serial number on the bottom of the stock.

Enlarge photo 11
Note the serial number on the bolt handle, coking piece and safety.

Enlarge photo 12
Note the fine machining marks on the receiver ring.  The ring was carefully and mechanically ground to remove the original Czech rampant lion crest, the outline of which is still faintly visible around the edges.  The crest was removed at time of refurbishment, likely to make the rifle ready for foreign sale.

Enlarge photo 13
Note the small rampant lion foring proofs on the barrel and receiver.  The crossed swords are a military acceptance stamp indicating this rifle served in the Czech armed forces.

Enlarge photo 14
Receiver Roll Stamp "Ceskoslovensk√° Zbrojovka, A.S., BRNO"

Enlarge photo 15
Note the rear sight assembly.  Essentially a normal late-war German K98k sight without reverse markings.

Enlarge photo 16
German ww2 era maker's code on the rear sight base. "svd" and a waffenampt, Eagle 18.  This shows that the czechs were using new and possibly recycled used Nazi era parts on their rifles well after the close of ww2 hostilities.

Enlarge photo 17
Note the matching serial number on the stamped trigger guard.

Enlarge photo 18
Note the czech stamped trigger guard, often erroneously referred to as an "arctic" or "winter" trigger guard.  It is a hybrid design incorporating elements of the late Springfield M1903A3 trigger guard and the stamped late-war K98k German trigger guard.

Enlarge photo 19
Note the large trigger guard bow, meant to make the use of gloves easier.

Enlarge photo 20
recoil cross-bolt.  Identical to the German K98k type.

Enlarge photo 21
Rear sight ramp and spring.

Enlarge photo 22
Unmarked reverse of the rear sight ladder.  The slide is un-marked, but the button is WaA18 marked, making it a WW2 era part.

Enlarge photo 23
Front barrel band, matching serial number applied.

Enlarge photo 24
Rear barrel band stamped matching.

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