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1943 T14 Nambu Pistol
1943 T14 Nambu Pistol

Caliber....................... 8mm Nambu
Rifling........................ 6 groove, right hand
Barrel Length............. 4 5/8 in. (117mm)
Overall Length............ 9 in. (229mm)
Weight...................... 2 lb. (.9Kg)
Magazine capacity....... 8 rounds
Qty Mfg: ..................  ?

Here is a T14 Nambu pistol made in March of 1943. It is in like new condition but I don't know if it is or was just re-furbished and never issued again. Its all matching with the cleaning rod and extra firing pin. Firing pin is a replacement as an original one would have been polished. It shoots the bottle neck 8mm Nambu cartridge.

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Enlarge photo 1
Type 14 Nambu automatic pistol with the enlarged trigger guard for gloved hand

Enlarge photo 2
T 14 Nambu with the safety in the "fire" position. Safety is swung up and back for the "safe" position.

Enlarge photo 3
Figures on the slide read "Nagoya series 1 serial no. 67611" Figures on frame - Japanese character, for Showa 18 . 3, year of manufacture. 1943 in the month of March. Hirohito's reign (Showa) started in 1925, every thing numbered from that, so add 18 to 1925 you get 1943.

Enlarge photo 4
First character (+) 10, second symbol for 4, thus 14. Third character, "year" last is "type"

Enlarge photo 5
Canvas holster with pouch for three boxes of cartridges. Has place for cleaning rod and extra firing pin.

Enlarge photo 6
Serial number and date match pistol

Enlarge photo 7
Magazine is stamped with last three digits of serial number.

Enlarge photo 8
A box of unopened 8mm round. Box is made out of cardboard, has manafactor and date printed on box. That box made in 14.9, September 1939.

Enlarge photo 9
Cleaning rod and extra firing pin. Pins were very prone to break.

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