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Hello and welcome to our T205 site!

If you have an interest in learning more about those elusive "Gold Border Beauties" and the history that they represent, then you've found the right place! 

We hope that you enjoy the summaries and card images provided for the greatest set ever made by the American Tobacco Company.

-Matt Engle

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The Staten Island Hindu Find
1. The Staten Island Hindu Find 

An extremely rare and educational T205 tobacco card find coming out of Staten Island, New York!  

16 Cards!

Some cards will be the first known copies ever to surface. Others of course have only one or two known examples.

This is a historical find by a private individual from Staten Island.

It's quite a story that will be told someday!

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Upgrading These Cards
2. Upgrading These Cards 
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1911 T205 Gold Borders
3. 1911 T205 Gold Borders 
The T205 series was a baseball card set issued in 1911 through 11 different cigarette brands owned by the American Tobacco Company. The collection is considered a landmark set in the history of baseball card collecting. Click to learn more!
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Turner's "Semi-Focused" Collection
4. Turner's "Semi-Focused" Collection 
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Memories & Tributes
5. Memories & Tributes 
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