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Upcoming Litters
These are the litters that are planned for 2020.

If you are interested in a puppy, please CLICK HERE to email me at COHillsRats@aol.com. Thanks!
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Enlarge photo 1
Jake - sire
Texas Blue Lacy

Enlarge photo 2
This cross is expected to take place in late Spring 2021.

Enlarge photo 3
Sally - dam
UKC UWP RO1 D-S Sally Skull at COHills SPOT-ON

Enlarge photo 4
Texas Blue Lacy - The Texas State Dog
The Texas Blue Lacy is not a new breed. It started in south central Texas in the Hill Country in the late 1850's by four brothers with the last name Lacy. It is an all-around ranch dog. They herd, blood trail, bay hogs, hunt, guard the homestead, and are loving family pets. They are generally not very sociable with other people, and must be supervised around anything they deem is "vermin".

In 2005, Governor Abbott made the Texas Blue Lacy the official state dog.

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