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Registered Name: UKC URO1 UWPCH AP VPA D-S Sally Skull at COHills SPOT-ON

DOB: 1/18/2018                       Color: Blue
Weight: 27 pounds              
Height: 18 inches                             
Registered AKC, UKC and TLGDA         

Health Clearances:
DM - Embark DNA Health Panel - clear
DCM1 - Carrier
Cardiac: BLC-BCA1/36F/P-VPI
Patellas: BLC-PA1/36F/P-VPI
Hips: ABL-13G38F-VPI

Breeder: Sandy Adcock of D-S Texas Blue Lacys

Sire: D-S Dee Man (blue)
Dam: D-S Tanya Tucker (red)

*Earned her UKC SPOT-ON on August 29, 2020
*Earned first leg toward her United Weight Pull title by pulling 270 pounds on August 29, 2020.
*Earned her second leg toward her United Weight Pull title by pulling 305 pounds on August 29, 2020.
*Earned her third leg toward her United Weight Pull title by pulling 305 pounds on August 30, 2020. NEW UKC UNITED WEIGHT PULL TITLE!!!
*Earned first leg toward her UKC Rally Obedience title scoring 96 under Judge Ellie McCarthy on September 5, 2020.
*Earned second leg toward her UKC Rally Obedience title scoring 96 under Judge Ellie McCarthy on September 5, 2020.
*Earned third leg toward her UKC Rally Obedience title scoring 89 under Judge Ellie McCarthy on September 6, 2020. NEW UKC RALLY OBEDIENCE 1 TITLE!!!

Current Standings:
*Training for Dock Diving, Rally Obedience, Weight Pull, and beginning Agility training.

Sally Skull was called the "Scariest Siren in Texas". Sally was known throughout Texas as a woman who could shoot, trade horses, ride, and lasso as good as any man. Better. She could shoot flawlessly, ride like a man, and cuss like a muleskinner. She also loved dancing and draw poker. Most of all, Sally loved men. She had a total of five husband-notches in her gun belt, all of whom felt her dominance. “Dogmatic and determined, she possessed so much strength that none of her husbands could stand living with her for very long.” She reportedly killed them when she was tired of them. Not only was she adept at using the six-shooters in the cartridge belt on her hips (French pistols hidden beneath her skirts, when she wore skirts), she carried a rifle and was as good a sharpshooter as Annie Oakley, long before Annie was born. One of her businesses was  freighting cotton by wagon train to Mexico in exchange for guns, ammunition, medicines, coffee, shoes, clothing, and other goods vital to the Confederacy. She had a reputation of ruthlessness and of ruling the armed trail hands with the crack of her whip, fueled by a hasty and nasty temper. Nonetheless, the trail hands (teamsters) developed a healthy respect for such a woman who knew so many cuss words, the type of words that would “scald the hide off a dog.”
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Enlarge photo 1
Silly Sally is a weight pulling machine!
She pulled 1395 pounds, 48 times her body weight!

Canton May 29, 2021

Enlarge photo 2
Sally is turning out to be such a pretty girl...
April 30, 2020

Enlarge photo 3
When I got her, I was looking for a guard dog...
Sally has most definitely earned the nickname Silly Sally since she is such a goofy love when I'm around.

Enlarge photo 4
It turns out, Sally has a serious side...
I got a report about her guarding the house from intruders! Good Sally-dog!

Enlarge photo 5
Silly Sally wants Bad's stick...
He's not planning to give it up!

April 16, 2018

Enlarge photo 6
Wipe out!!!

Enlarge photo 7
Sally-girl is 12.5 weeks old...
I was warned that she'd be very mouthy and chew anything and everything up. So far, I've been pleasantly surprised. She only chews on things I have given her.

Enlarge photo 8
Baby Sally's eyes are turning amber...
They are going to look so intense!

Enlarge photo 9
March 31, 2018

Enlarge photo 10
Miss Sally and her sister (who is in Wyoming)

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge MPEG4 12
The adult in this video isn't the mama...
This is a testament to the temperaments of the dogs bred by D-S Lacy's. GREAT dogs!

Enlarge photo 13
Sally isn't a show dog...
But I love the fact she has a nice topline and a pretty head.

Enlarge photo 14

Enlarge photo 15
Sally at 7.5 weeks

Enlarge photo 16
Sally on March 1, 2018

Enlarge photo 17
Playing with mama...

Enlarge photo 18

Enlarge photo 19
Silly puppy

Enlarge photo 20
Comin' atcha!

Enlarge photo 21

Enlarge photo 22

Enlarge photo 23
Giggle balls are FUN!

Enlarge photo 24
DeeMan and Tanya Tucker

Enlarge photo 25
D-S Sally Skull at COHills
She will be registered UKC to be a performance dog. I am SOOO excited!

Enlarge photo 26
Sally at 2 weeks

Enlarge photo 27

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